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   unfrozen February
Thursday, February 2 2012
On the way back from town today, I stopped at the place where I like to mine topsoil (on the east bank of Esopus Creek across Wynkoop from the Hurley Mountain Inn). Normally at this time of year there would be no hope of getting soil there; it would be beneath a foot of crusty snow and the ground with be as hard as concrete. But today when I went there, the soil was as soft and moist as a chocolate cake. Without its normal lush covering of vegetation, it was actually easier to gather than in the summer. I only collected one bucket, just enough for my ongoing winter seedling project, which I've started early this year. I already have seven non-cherry tomatoes, two cherry tomatoes, and two broccoli started in catfood cans. All but one of them are at the stage of producing their first post-cotyledon leaves.

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