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Friday, January 6 2012
Before I drove into town today, I grabbed a camera and a multimeter, intent on documenting and confirming any results the guys at Advance Auto Parts might try to use in deciding that my Subaru's battery is still functional (and thus not requiring replacement). Ultimately, though, it all comes down to the employee you interact with. The guy today (who was different from the guy the other day) was younger and had ugly brown stains on his front incisors (I guess Advance doesn't offer much of a dental plan). He tested my battery and said that all it needed was a charge, but when I told him that it won't hold one, he didn't then insist on attempting to charge it anyway. No, he actually believed me and immediately filled out the paper work allowing me to replace the battery with a new one. The battery wasn't in stock, so I had to drive out to the other Advance Auto Parts on Albany Avenue, where the employees (one of whom looked to have survived a shotgun blast to the face) viewed the paperwork with suspicion, though they ultimately gave me my fucking battery.
While I was in town, I bought a number of products to help me cosmetically correct the new burn holes in the floorboards near the woodstove. At Herzogg's, I bought two different kinds of epoxy, two kinds of stain, and a container of polyurethane. Then I went to Catskill Art & Office Supplies to buy some dry pigments (burnt umber and titanium white). While there, I also picked up a beautiful print of a painting that Gretchen had there for framing. (The print is of the 18th century pea-sheep used to illustrate the Hudson Valley Seed Library's Laxton Progress Shell Pea seed packet.)

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