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   October 2016

01: Jabbas the Hut in bullet time - Having to urinate excruciatingly badly on a plane as it slowly lands in Philadelphia.
02: inspired by myself when I was 15 years younger - So I record my painting process using stop-action techniques.
03: personnel Eureka - I come up with a possible solution to the problem of hiring a qualified backend developer.
04: runny chana masala and a cigarette-penis hybrid - Indian food and a dreary vice presidential debate.
05: more to the point than any documentation - Code is its own documentation.
06: at least the habañero sauce was good - Feeling a little awkward with people I don't know too well at my wife's co-worker's 40th birthday party.
07: pussy tape - A big October surprise for Donald Trump. And the dogs have a big late-night adventure.
08: two small globular maps - More thrift store treasures.
09: post-pussygate debate - Another debate watching party, with a smaller crowd.
10: stickies that could float - A lot of little refinements to my newbie-focused SQL query tool.
11: the way I learn computer languages - I prefer to work from examples, not rules.
12: constant stream of highly-compelling news - Meeting friends at a bar in Woodstock after a day of being a successful SQL educator.
13: like holding a mechanized Donald Trump - A Greenworks trimmer attacking the local bushes.
14: late-Friday reasons for drinking - I crack a bottle of wine after two unexpected workplace tension-builders.
15: hate-watching again - I find stupid fake-reality teevee on my DVR again.
16: Neville factors in a selfie - Getting lumber with a friend after dropping the calm dog off at the bookstore for the day.
17: don't go to bed anxious - After not finding the source of a 160 thousand record anomaly, I have nightmares.
18: great clouds of ladybeetles and stink bug - An uncommonly-warm day in the second half of October.
19: early adopter of the world in which we now live - Why I'm functionally a millennial in my workplace.
20: the dream of the 90s is alive on this flight - On a mostly-empty jumbo jet bound for Nice, France.
21: socca in Nice - Interesting local cuisine does not include hot sauce.
22: boarding a boat in Avignon - Somehow a massive luxury ship fits beneath the bridges and within the banks of a modest European river.
23: Tarascon castle - A glorious castle on the Rhone in southern France.
24: my stomach and this food - How even a luxury feeding regime can cause stomach problems.
25: past the Cruas Nuclear Power Station - From the quaint medieval village of Viviers past a windmill-bedecked nuke plant.
26: a throwback to a less algorithmic time - Riding pedal-assist bicycles up and down the hills of Vienne, France.
27: biking in hilly Lyon with bad brakes - We see, among other things, the McMansion of basilicas.
28: mistletoe along the Saône - The final destination of our vegan boat ride from the south of France.
29: in Le Crayon - After a difficult search for a hotel room, we end up in Lyon's second-tallest skyscraper.
30: poor food choices at the Orly gate - Good thing we had our own shrink-wrapped croissants and mediocre vegan cheese.
31: back on California time - After leaving Central European time, I'm back on the East Coast of the USA working a Pacific Time schedule.