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   November 2016

01: nothing about the way those lane work - Is there ever a case where it's alright to cut off someone in the outer lane from the inner lane in the Kingston Traffic Circle?
02: the kind of inflexibility - Sometimes you just have to work with people as they are, not as you want them to be. Also meeting with a slate professional.
03: habañeros and walnuts - The latter can, it turns out, be a cure for an excess of the former.
04: if I never eat another kale salad - I haven't developed a fondness for raw kale and probably never will.
05: the French supposedly make it - Using a french press to make coffee the right way, as opposed to the way it had been made for us while we were in France.
06: timezone whiplash - A final unexpected changing of the clocks. And yet another arm for attaching televisions to a wall.
07: instead feel scalding hot - Last news day before a possible Trumpocalypse, and better at metering doses of habañero peppers.
08: as all-damaging as an asteroid strike - The slow-motion horror of watching Donald Trump win the Presidency of the United States.
09: wake into the nightmare - The first day of coming to grips with the results of Election Day, 2016.
10: new things to love in a dreary new world - I find a new things in the media to enjoy while continuing to internalize the shock of Donald Trump's victory.
11: almost comically horrible - Paying more attention to the post-Trump-election news.
12: the governor could still call - First social event post-apocalypse.
13: dystopia overload - I watch a bit too much grim television a little too soon after that Donald Trump victory.
14: a luxury from an America that is already gone - It's hard to get excited about the Cause when a much bigger problem has materialized.
15: they expect big things - Why Donald Trump is surrounded by the worst people in American politics.
16: teevee couch III - An austere new couch arrives to replace the womblike one in the teevee room.
17: what kind of sadistic foolishness - Watching Neville's position change chaotically over a mile from home.
18: one whole rabbit - Ramona is a non-generous freegan.
19: milepost on the highway to a Russia-style failed state - Talking with friends over vegan food about what to do if this Trump thing really gets bad.
20: binging on darkness - I watch nearly all of season three of Black Mirror in a single day.
21: self-assembling and hackable - My last dose of Black Mirror until season four, how will I be able to process the Trumpocalypse now?
22: Canada geese making bluejay calls - My dystopic television binge continues past Black Mirror.
23: largely presented by shocking - What I look at all day and what the people I work with look at all day.
24: Thanksgiving 2016 - At our friends Eva & Sandors' place.
25: cryonics clunker - It's not easy maintaining my escapist dystopian binge.
26: not into roots rock - Gretchen takes me to a book party about The Band. And then we go to a party where a few stories get told.
27: Neville's brush with prejudice - While putting in a shift as a bookstore dog, Neville is judged based on what he looks like, not who he is.
28: had we not had a tracker on him - Having a GPS tracker on your dog gives you new ways to worry.
29: rainy day in a drought - A dog pisses inside and my greenhouse basement excavation has a normal amount of water.
30: ambien doesn't really have much effect - If I am sober and engaged, I power right through it.