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   September 2016

01: white privilege near Ramapo - Despite my sass, I don't end up full of bullet holes.
02: about that new apartment - It turns out that the new Watergate apartment my inlaws will be moving into has real connections to the famous scandal I just brought to your mind.
03: stroll along H Street - The shops of Silver Spring and the Saturday night scene in Northeast DC.
04: Silver Spring dog park - Also, a brief scene outside the White House, the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, and art museums.
05: Jersey barriers of New Brunswick - Liquor is tricky to obtain and vegan food is tricky to deliver what with the unique nature of the NJ highway system.
06: deck now legit - After eleven years, my solar deck is finally okayed by the Hurley building inspector.
07: hornets in the windfall - Cutting up and taking away a fallen branch of silver maple at Ray & Nancy's house.
08: overpriced middle eastern food in Rosendale - A new restaurant, with friends and a migraine.
09: the crusty cat is the only one in the laboratory - The fleas have rendered it inhospitable for all the other felines.
10: news of a WiFi freakout - Another barbecue with friends in Woodstock.
11: errands with Sandor - It's good to bring a witness when dealing with someone with an unreliable memory.
12: towards the end of the flea infestation - And why it's important to kill them mechanically as well as chemically.
13: generational stuff transfer from the south - Gretchen's parents hire a couple guys to drive us a U-haul loaded with surplus stuff as they downsize to fit into an apartment at the Watergate.
14: ambien and spirits - A theory for why the inanimate comes alive while under the influence of ambien.
15: a replacement for Homesite - I find a modern text editor that finally does all the things Homesite+ does.
16: Neville vs car - The car is fine; though it's driver is traumatized and Neville has to get some professional medical attention.
17: the choice of the meat man - Standing behind a guy in line at Chipotle, I notice he works for a meat processor. Then I noticed what he orde.
18: mouse at the Tibetan Center - I do the Buddhist thing when encountering a box at the Tibetan Center thrift store containing a family of tiny mammals.
19: frozen pizzas and a sore dog - Our friends visit our recuperating car-struck dog.
20: tracking the dogs between chipmunk mines - And for the first time, I use the live tracker to find the dogs in the forest.
21: dreary business of dealing with it as a formal pathology - Gretchen reacts to things I've written about my recent substance use and abuse.
22: cheap Chinese smart watch - They're not quite as terrible as you'd think.
23: had to be revanquished - Being second--in-command in a team of five.
24: guessing age from names - Working on the weekend, I come up with a demographic insight.
25: jackhammering after a two year hiatus - Finally water levels are low enough in the greenhouse for me to resume a project I'd last worked on before we owned any rental property.
26: watching Donald Trump choke with friends - A debate watching party on the night of the first post-primary debate of 2016.
27: coyotes at the gate - Flying to Los Angeles and going to sleep in a barracks that reminds people of a concentration camp.
28: shitting in the ravine - Poor toilet paper options make an immediate shower mandatory. Later: mindfulness.
29: urinal material - A good story for entertaining a certain kind of stranger.
30: sneaking into Griffith Park - After some work-related socializing, my superior and I are forced to climb over a gate.