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   March 2019

01: feeling I haven't had much of - Work is becoming less terrible.
02: beluga - I paint a picture and get a Wacom tablet at the thrift store.
03: salvaged switch dome - Fixing a laptop I've barely used since 2010.
04: the value of passive matrix screens - Is there any in 2019?
05: lucky that I drink my tea black - Nothing bad happens when I spill my tea into my work laptop's keyboard.
06: if you have to tell your dog to do anything more than once - Dogs pay close attention, at least when they want to.
07: Village of Gardiner - No bigger than Rosendale, though a lot less pretty.
08: $5 telescope - Also, a spontaneous happy hour.
09: slimy drywall on salvaged tiles - How I put lots of little injuries on my hands.
10: crazy purebred dog lady - Crazy people have more power in the age of social media.
11: shard of scale - Moving some laboratory items to my workplace.
12: one out of seven - The ratio of unsupervised to supervised children waiting for a school bus in Red Hook, NY.
13: 110 pounds and low blood sugar - Nothing two peanutbutter sandwiches can't fix.
14: the least-dense forms of musical storage - The vinyl collection behind the bar at Tubby's in Midtown, Kingston.
15: visit to the dentist in springlike weather - My teeth are good. But my gums, not so much.
16: subway tiling, day one - 45 degrees, sunny, and not soaked in cold water.
17: subway tiling, day two - Also, Neville the Dog has a great time at Nancy's birthday party.
18: where is that sixteen year old sponge - Grouting the renovation kitchen tile.
19: lots of missing screws - The mystery of where things for the late kitchen renovation disappeared to.
20: one cheap Chinese stereo for another - You have to have audio when you're driving or it's just too lonely and dull.
21: first phoebe of 2019 - Also, too rainy for firewood salvaging. And I will not drive into blindness.
22: yardstick for measuring vegan cheeses - Eating real cheese at work again.
23: cinematic mumblecore - Seeing Jordan Peele's Us in Saugerties.
24: wheelchairs being used for any purpose other than - What it's like to routinely repurpose everyday items such as porcupine quills, golf carts, and charcoal.
25: why the Old Testament had to be morally compromised - A survival of the fittest argument for why the Bible can never have been a good moral framework.
26: fox & xanax - Neville's night-time obsession contributes to my inability to sleep.
27: snarl of complicated helper classes - And a classist, sexist simile to go along with them.
28: a little worse than cats - How the dogs respond to me calling for them.
29: Neville's mystery corpse - It's not a bear. Could it be a fisher?
30: carpenter ants are not a problem - If you have them in your house, your problem is leaks, not ants.
31: removing any remaining staples - Tearing carpet from the stairs to the second floor. Also, more wood for the nascent fourth tranche.