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   a vast track of afternoon to dispose of
Monday, September 2 2019
It being Labor Day, Gretchen and I treated it like an extra Saturday in our schedule. Well, not entirely, since we didn't make it into a date night. But we had our his & her french presses of coffee, which, due to morning showers, we had to drink in the living room (in front of a raging fire fueled mostly with old product manuals from the laboratory; I had no reason to be keeping one for a Linksys PCMCIA WIFI adapter, for example).
Later up in the laboratory, I had no difficulty putting together the megaphone assembly for the Disturbatron. I think I'd expected some sort of unpleasant circumstance (such as the asymmetry of the rudder control on the Waterbot), because once that was done, suddenly I had a vast track of afternoon to dispose of. I thought about getting up to speed on a modern web-based circuit diagramming app, but the only one I knew of ( a turd on your diagram the moment you selected a Raspberry Pi component, and, since help wasn't helpful, I quickly grew discouraged and went on to something else. (What do these slashes on the Raspberry Pi mean?)

In the early afternoon, the sun came out and the day turned gorgeous. At some point I took a much-needed break from sitting in front of a computer and walked to that wall I've been building off the Stick Trail about 100 feet south of the Chamomile. There I added a few more rocks. Gretchen doesn't want it to be any taller, so I've begun extending it eastward. I'd also brought my camera, which allowed me to take pictures of red efts.

It being a holiday, I took recreational 150 mg dose of pseudoephedrine and, later, started drinking booze (mostly mixed with SPORTea).


Click to enlarge.

A wall neither you nor Mexico paid for.

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