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   October 2021

01: violent need to piss - A road beer makes the urgency so strong that I can't get out of the car without pissing my pants.
02: for want of unmodified thinset - Underlayment installation instructions force me to drive all the way to Amsterdam.
03: ever worked as hard - Doing electrical work while waiting for thinset to cure enough to grout.
04: a conspiracy theory I came up with - It's almost certainly wrong, and it's about Matt Imodio, current Jeopardy! champ.
05: Sadie-Hawkins phone swap - Gretchen thought she would need my phone at our cabin.
06: purchasing gifts as an impersonal cop-out - And so I continue to make them from scratch.
07: YouTube training data - Why I like to watch car crash videos.
08: avoiding polyurethane fumes - Up at the cabin with a bottle of gin and Eric the painter.
09: drilling wood with a masonry bit - And using peanuts in place of vegetable oil when breaking in the barbecue at the cabin.
10: generator power in the electric vehicle - It's not the cheapest way to fuel a car, but it is convenient.
11: driving experience threshold - I've reached a point in my driving history where I feel comfortable demonstrating road rage.
12: the effort necessary to limit the scope - It's always worth taking the effort to build tools and limit the scope of tests.
13: poorly-kept Jeopardy! secret - Watching a champion go down to defeat after 39 games. Also, some unexpected job satisfaction.
14: eating moldy cannabis - And being on hold for an hour and a half with the
15: loaner couch and refrigerator - Nearl all the work at the cabin is done, and now there's even a flusable toilet.
16: big cardboard fire at the cabin - Getting rid of trash and a big shopping errand in Amsterdam amid periodic intense downpours.
17: endless cliffs - Showing Gretchen some cliffs northwest of the cabin, I find even more.
18: reupping the pine needle stockpile after two years of missed pine needle windows - We use pine needles as kindling and incense, among other things.
19: the strategy of Crazy Dave's dogs - Saving their bark until they come bursting out of the forest.
20: shouldn't concern a developer - Computer security doesn't interest me at all, and everything I know about it I've learned by being forced to.
21: lots of mushroms on my frozen pizza - Also one of the dogs destroys my glasses.
22: needs to pretend it's something substantial - Pex might work okay, but its floppiness is aggravating in the places where it burrows to the surface and needs to pretend it's something substantial.
23: over-sensitive cabin smoke detectors - But they were right; my pizza was burnt. Also the Woodworth Outlet Brook gorge.
24: driving in the daytime with no rain back from the cabin - Technical details regarding bolts used for dock building. Also: sunsets are earlier and earlier, but I leave the cabin early enough to beat it on the drive home.
25: mystery flies - I don't know where they're coming from but they want to go outside.
26: preferring dry treated lumber - I don't want to overload the Subaru's roof rack.
27: long line to Moonburger - It's worth the half hour wait.
28: unseen raise and phantom abdominal pains - A conversation with my boss leads me to check my paystubs. And YouTube starts feeding me videos about ADHD and alcohol-induced liver failure.
29: retirement party in an apple orchard - Saying goodbye to the head of the company and wondering what the future holds.
30: tiling teamwork - Tiling goes much faster even when your assistant has no tiling skills.
31: handcrafted medicine cabinet - It turns out that it's not hard to build a nice one.