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   November 2021

01: loving rigatoni - Rolling a single noodle between my thumb and forefinger, the way the ridges grabbed my skin gave me nostalgic memories of how this felt when I was a child.
02: electrical supplies and bling at the AutoZone - Not much of the former and a fair amount of the latter.
03: mini Squid Game binge - We eat chili and watch the first three episodes.
04: WE BUY ATVS - It's hard to imagine how down on one's luck one would have to be to see a sign like that and think, 'Wow, that might be my lifeline!'
05: 42 degree cabin - After a week of no heat, the cabin takes hours to get into the 60s, even with both the woodstove and boiler running.
06: bad diagrams and incompatible wiring harnesses - What you deal with when trying to implement something on a Generac generator.
07: news from the police scanner - Apparently my mother is in the hospital. Also, articulating a view of Lake Edward and Gretchen has trouble letting the opions of others roll off her back.
08: with the appropriate gravity - Until Joy Tarder materializes, playing telephone with my psychotic brother to find out about our hospitalized mother.
09: game of telephone with a somewhat unreliable narrator - Supposedly my mother is now enjoying her hospital stay. And the doctors have a not-very-good theory to explain her mental confusion.
10: a different homecoming for Powerful - Gretchen brings the heart-transplant recipient home to his new residence in Tivoli.
11: unnecessary phatic content - Texting with a Lowes employee online while in a Lowes, just because I don't want to impose.
12: leaf dam in the valley - An unsual warm-weather roof leak. And a second capacitor repair on a no-name monitor.
13: grout exhausted and a frozen hose - Not quite finishing the tiling of the cabin's first floor bathroom.
14: Adirondack dog steps - Also, the cabin's first snow.
15: good technology, bad technoloy, and unhappy hosts - M.2 is great but doesn't seem to help Angular compiles. Also, Angular sucks. And never trust young people who claim to be 'all-in'.
16: sawtooth temperature waveform - The thermostat-controlled generator appears to be working, Gretchen has to drive Powerful to Westchester while recovering from a Moderna booster shot, and fixing a cellar door proves unexpectedly easy.
17: throwing Olivia off - A job interview when I still have a job.
18: shelf life of Ballast Point Sculpin - After a year in a refrigerator and a several months at room temperature, it's not so great.
19: falafel with Alex - My boss and I walk dogs together and then go pick up lunch in Rhinebeck.
20: strong niacin and weak cannabis - Not having a great time with things I eat at the cabin, though at least I finished grouting.
21: fries for a leg - Neville guards something he dragged out of the Adirondack woods.
22: anti-mold jihad in Powerful's room - Before he can move back into it, it needs some work.
23: immediate Queen Bee - Also, expensive parts for a firewood rack and a videoconference gag involving a black cat.
24: a little late to winterize - Forced to use electric heat tape and drill to melt and get through the ice.
25: pizza Thanksgiving at the cabin - There now also a basement heating zone there.
26: first time getting stuck in the snow at our cabin - All it took was just an inch of snow and a modest slope for the two-wheel-drive Chevy Bolt.
27: something as mission-critical as a generator - An error code has me feeling unsettled. Also, watching The Harder They Fall at the cabin.
28: what the fuck is wrong with Moonburger's workflow - Generac's useless app and Moonburger's seeming inability to deliver a simple hamburger.
29: a moment's impatience - Be careful when you're unpackaging that can of spray foam.
30: materials needlessly destroyed - Trying to install flooring that Gretchen, with her terrible assumptions about the material world, had destroyed.