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   September 2021

01: remnants of Ida - It rains all day and I carry Neville out twice so he can piss. Also, the power failed.
02: work that proved unnecessary - I didn't actually have to replace the Grundfos zone valves, but I'm glad I did anyway.
03: friendly Lulu-style cat - He or she has decided to hang out on the porch of a house he or she does not live in.
04: furniture assembly jihad - Seventeen chairs and a couple other things get put together in an afternoon. And I lose my glasses.
05: pissed mama beaver - She didn't like the dogs walking on the roof of her lodge.
06: tentative trail to Lake Edward - Using technology to help us with direction as well as location, we map out an early version of our trail to our favorite lake.
07: limited free charging - You can't completely fill a Chevy Bolt at Red Hook Town Hall.
08: YouTube via RemoteDesktop - This seems like a good test for a computer accessed only this way.
09: bad electric vehicle charging etiquette - Don't charge from the same charger as another charging car if there are chargers with no cars.
10: why I don't like baby corn - It's not the tiny kernals.
11: large packages at the cabin - I assemble a charcoal grill.
12: effective canoe cargo haulage - It's much easier to load a canoe full of lumber and float it to a construction site than to carry it piece by piece hundreds of feet through the woods.
13: finally leaving Windows 7 - The failure of a seven year old motherboard forces my hand.
14: love life interview - A couple college kids interview Gretchen and me about our relationship.
15: its details remain acceptably declarative - I like the Microsoft SQL Server programming, despite its clunkiness.
16: four years of exhaust system life - The problem with buying cheap replacement parts on the internet.
17: navigating by memory to the cabin on Woodworth Lake - The route is confusing, but after many trips and some poring over maps, I finally know how to do it.
18: nascent dock - I start bolting together two by sixes on the lake shore.
19: cliffs near the cabin - Interesting geology on our parcel and the dock is going to have to be more complex than I'd hoped.
20: unfounded faith in my creations - When my boss has to do quality assurance.
21: assholes where there are normally ducks and geese - A gathering in support of a local politician has me musing about how power is allocated when peaceful means are invalidated.
22: easy exhaust system fix - A gathering in support of a local politician has me musing about how power is allocated when peaceful means are invalidated.
23: french bread and Grey Poupon - A craving for a fairly simple food.
24: Porsche from Alaska - One of my cousins from Fairbanks visits with her daughter from Oklahoma.
25: floating floaters - I get an unexpected crash course in dock building.
26: short-distance floater escape - We get to our dock site and find that two of our dock floaters have floated away.
27: selfish superspreader at the Ghettoford - No mask, and no thoughts of others. Also, illegally passing two slow vehicles and not getting the memo on tamper-resistant outlets.
28: nearly $50 per pipe - I'm glad I got an earlier one for free. Also, a re-appearance of David from David and Penny.
29: Fanny in Bearsville - Attending an actual indoor music event in a resurgent pandemic.
30: Badge by Cream - Obsessed with the song all day long.