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Thursday, September 9 2021
I arrived at the Red Hook Hannaford so early it hadn't even opened yet. It opens, I learned, at 7:00am, and I wasn't the only person waiting for that to happen. There was a youngish maskless woman at the door and a maskless man crossing the parking lot. Perhaps they shop so early so as to avoid wearing masks. I was there just for my usual office snacking needs and also to get 300 bags of Hannaford-brand black tea (in three one-hundred-count boxes).
As usual, I charged up the Bolt behind the Red Hook Town Hall. But when I later went to get it, I found a Nissan Leaf parked next to it drawing from the same two-cable power supply. The problem with this, though, is that this divided the power going to the Bolt in half, doubling its recharge time. And it didn't have to happen; there were three other power units the Leaf could've been parked at that had no other cars charging from them. I supposed not everyone with electric cars knows the proper etiquette for level-2 ChargePoint chargers (I wouldn't know what I do had I not seen an EV-themed episode of the Eight Bit Guy.
At the end of the work day, I stopped at the Home Depot on the way home to get a couple more electrical boxes for the cabin wiring project, and I also impulse-bought a 10 inch Ryobi chainsaw that takes 18v One+ batteries. This will give me more flexibility when I'm cutting things at the cabin, since I always have seven One+ batteries and only one GreenWorks battery (meaning that once I've used up that, my chainsawing is over).
This evening Gretchen drove down to Paterson NJ to spend the night before teaching some sort of prison re-entry English class. This left me to have a fairly typical Friday night all by myself.

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