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Monday, September 20 2021

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

The mornings have been getting cooler, wringing large amounts of dew onto the grass. But when the sun comes out, it feels like summer again, though the insects sing the weary drone of late summer, sounding a little like a hangover. The other day I was thinking about all the insects that grow up during a summer only to die as large, experienced adults when the first frost arrives. I was especially thinking about praying mantises, though dragonflies, stick insects, grasshoppers, and crickets all experience the same fate. In warmer climates, do they just keep growing? Or is do they get old and senile after about eight months? I also wanted to know what forms various insects overwinter in. It's a surprisingly large hole in my generally comprehensive knowledge base.
My boss Alex was back to raking me over the coals again this morning because of some edge cases where my contact migrator failed. He demanded to know why I hadn't checked the results of my script before having him look at it. But that's just how it is with software developers: they tend to be blind to the faults in their own creations. It's easy for them to place unfounded faith in their creations, and this is why usually a separate individual should perform quality assurance. Too bad for him, that person must be Alex.
I made spaghetti for dinner so Gretchen would have a prepared meal when she got home for work, Our refrigerator didn't have much in it (no mushrooms, tofu, tempeh, or faux sausage) so I was forced to open up a can of cannellini beans to add to the onions I fried so there'd be some complex amino acids. I also cooked broccoli with the spaghetti.

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