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Tuesday, September 14 2021

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

In the middle of the night, a group of coyotes showed up east of the house and started yipping the way they do. I'd never heard them so close; they sounded like they were in the yard of our downhill neighbors. Our dogs Ramona and Neville weren't going to stand for that, so they charged out and ran over to where the coyotes had been. The coyotes, of course, melted away and weren't heard from again, but Ramona and Neville stood around and barked for a good half hour at their ghosts, venturing down the ravine some distance before giving up and coming home. Amusingly, Neville's bark, the one where he tips his head way back and goes "woo woo woo!" could barely be heard because it is so quiet, at least relative to Ramona's, which was always loud enough to be annoying.
I drove to Red Hook today for my shift at work, once more eating a lunch of grape leaves with chopsticks. At the end of the day, I stopped by the Home Depot to get dock building supplies, including 28 four by 3/8 inch galvanized steel lag bolts, eight six by quarter inch lag bolts, a bunch of washer, two flanges for 1.5 inch pipe, and a three foot section of unlabled 1.5 inch galvanized pipe. Lacking a bar code, that last item caused the cashier so much frustration that she said I could have it, which was great because it was probably worth about $20.

Before going home, I swung by the Brewster Street house to get more information about a cracked glass window panel. I was hoping to find the manufacturer, but there were no markings. So I took a bunch of photos and made measurements. On the drive to the new traffic circle on Broadway, I was happy to find that all the construction on Broadway (and the traffic circle) is now over, and the new asphalt is buttery-smooth. It had been an obstacle course for months as sewer lines were dug up and replaced, leaving manhole ports sticking up high enough to catch low-hanging exhaust systems.
As I was climbing Dug Hill Road, I saw some trucks parked at the bus-turnaround where the assholes always go to shoot. And there were some people there target practicing, but it was with compound bows, which was refreshing. I hereby encourage archers to do that as much of that as they'd like.
Back at the house, we dined on leftover chili and then sat for an web-enabled interview with two young female college students who wanted to hear all about our love life. They're taking a course about love and relationships with our friend Lisa P., who assigned different couples to different pairs of students. Interestingly, each pair of students was only assigned one couple. Our interview went long, lasting a little over two hours. I was drinking kratom tea the whole time, which made me fairly talkative. I kept telling long-winded stories (including, at the beginning, my whole life story) when asked questions appropriately answered in brief. But then later, after the interview, when I wanted to get some procrastinated workplace work done, I felt over-kratomed and was forced to take a xanax.

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