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Thursday, September 23 2021
I wss driving the Subaru today because Gretchen needed the Bolt for her Thursday-Friday gig and I wanted to test to see if my exhaust system repair was holding (it seemed to be). I could've used Powerful's Prius, which he has little use for now that he's going to be living in the cardiac ward at Westchester Medical Center until he gets a heart transplant. That's the latest from his doctors, one of whom had never seen a heart in such poor shape in a person who is able to walk. Evidently Powerful has some sort of genetic issue that has destroyed his heart, perhaps aggravated by such issues as his unhealthy body mass index.
On the drive home at the end of the day, I stopped at the Red Hook Hannaford do get rid of beer cans, get a bottle of antacids, another 12 pack of Hazy Little Thing, and a french bread. (Since last weekend, I've developed a fondness for french bread with nothing but Grey Poupon dijonnaise mustard.) Then at Home Depot I got some more dock-building supplies, including more four inch 3/8 inch lag bolts, washers, an eight foot four by six of treated lumber, and two eighty pound bags of concrete. Some combination of those should allow me to get started on the walkway out to the dock. As for the dock itself, I've already bought four floaters from a local dock supplier in Gloversville (over $500) as well as all the larch I need to cover the main twelve by ten foot body of the dock (over $600). Nothing about this dock is going to be cheap except in comparison to the $9000 figure someone quoted to Gretchen when she briefly investigated having it built professionally.
I had a typical Thursday night evening to myself, which meant eating cannabis and drinking a fair amount of alcohol. I'd actually had a bit of a hangover from drinking too much hazy IPA last night, though if anything it probably made me more productive than I would've otherwise been.

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