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Friday, September 3 2021
I'd originally thought Gretchen and I would be driving up to the Adirondacks today for the long Labor Day weekend, but for some reason Gretchen had scheduled a dinner date with her friend Lisa P., which made that impossible. Meanwhile in the remote workplace, it was a typical Friday preceding a three-day weekend in that we were all free to "leave" early.
The passage of the remnants of Hurricane Ida had left conditions cooler and drier, and they'd be even cooler in the Adirondacks when we drove up there tomorrow.

This evening after work, I did a couple landlording chores. The first was at the Brewster Street house, where I needed to sand the dried joint compound above the back porch windows. This was the first time I met the other tenant there, a woman named C. But first I met a cute grey cat (he or she looked like our old cat Lulu) lying on the doormat on the front porch. It turned out that cat didn't actually live at the Brewster Street house; he or she just liked to hang out on the front porch. The cat didn't seem to care that C has some sort of young rubbery hound dog. The house looked good now that it was full of plants and quality furniture instead of broken electronics and ugly overstuffed furniture.
It turned out there was more surface to paint than I'd anticipated and the old can of paint Gretchen had given me was all dried-up and useless. I found some flat white ceiling paint in the basement, which made the porch look a lot better. But I really should've been using a gloss or semi-gloss paint. While there, I also helped C fix some particleboard cabinetry that had come apart at a stapled joint. (The former tenants had found ways to lose, steal, or break things that have never been broken or lost in any of our other houses.)
I then went to the attic apartment at the Downs Street brick mansion to sand and paint the small patch of wall I'd fixed some weeks ago. [REDACTED]

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