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   August 2021

01: light switches instead of pull chains - Improving the electrical wiring in the second floor of the Brewster Street house after a horrible tenant moves out.
02: cabin north of Phoenicia - Visiting Dina and family their last night in the area.
03: world's largest tarp - Dealing with more of the crap left behind by a terrible tenant.
04: Eileen and her human circus - Now that she's no longer providing a place for marginal people in the neighborhood to gather, they're forced to hang out at the house taken over by squatters.
05: sixty pounds of gravel for a hole in the floor - Down to replacing the last doorknobs, spray-painting the washing machine, and filling a mystery hole in the basement slab.
06: proof for incentive units - I had to leave the office early to prove who I was for unexpected money. But it was too crowded for safety anyway.
07: new processor for experimental development - Even a Ryzen 3600 isn't up to the demands of this stupid Angular web app.
08: pullstring light switches are unsuited for flophouse use - Replacing the last such switches in the second floor bedrooms of the Brewster Street house.
09: another AM4 desktop - I had everything else I needed to make a computer from, so now I have a CPU too. Also, starting on a project to fix the bottom step of the Brewster Street house.
10: taking out their trash - Reading about Andrew Cuomo's resignation while waiting in line for falafel.
11: unnecessary size and the flimsiness of the sheet metal - A case for my fastest computer.
12: off-grid cabin vs. boat - End-of-work discussion with a colleague.
13: pillows at a Gloversville Walmart - Also, emergency reading material. And a huge slab of bluestone.
14: trackless walk to Lake Edward - A case for my fastest computer.
15: car fluid leak, speaker fix, and a tenant of a different kind - Things breaking or not breaking and being fixed or ignored, and an imperfect tenant unlikely to run up a huge water bill.
16: not much arbitrage on eBay - Another Ryzen computer and a quiet evening by myself.
17: Little Cow - Some tenants are unpleasant and some are very nice.
18: crown for a wisdom tooth - And driving to that appointment with the fuel light on.
19: parking & charging - It would be easy for an airport parking service to charge electric cars, though only one service in Newark offers it.
20: kayaks to Woodworth Lake - Me and the dogs drive by ourselves to the lake cabin.
21: 40 minute drive to Home Depot - I needed supplies from society, which is below the Adirondack plateau.
22: almost done doing cabin electrical work - I even stapled the romex.
23: unnecessary plumbing and ambien - And a power outage, a road closure, a walk in the rain, and a lukewarm bath that doesn't stink.
24: technology trouble followed by technology trouble - Issues with the solar controller and difficulties with a very cheap computer case.
25: avoiding, then craving, spaghetti - Gretchen's pattern with respect to long, stringy pasta and travel.
26: technology meltdowns - My boss has trouble with software I wrote on a rare occasion when I needed to get out of the office. Also, difficulty figuring out which pizza order is mine.
27: impromptu family dinner - Powerful shows up with an Impossible Whopper just as Gretchen and I are ready to eat dinner in front of Jeopardy!.
28: intersection of entomology and etymology - Also, too fucked-up on cannabis to drive, but I don't have to anyway.
29: failed lug nuts and maggots - A near-tragedy on the Thruway and Neville brings something disgusting into the house. Also, watching The White Lotus.
30: ancient Arduino success - Also some failed tech support for my brother's flip phone.
31: anti-Grundfos jihad - Zone valves installed 17 years ago for which there are no replacement parts must be replaced.