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   July 2021

01: Powerful's 2nd birthday out of prison - Gretchen makes him pancakes and takes him to a movie, and I give him dozens of pounds of brake parts.
02: buyer's remorse? - We go to our raw freshly-built cabin in the Adirondacks, where we spend the night without electricity or running water.
03: Neville dislikes skateboarders - A homeowners' association gathering at Woodworth Lake.
04: downtown Gloversville - This grim rust-belt city does have a food co-op.
05: more white pine jihad - But otherwise mostly a day of the blahs.
06: about what I make as a software developer - It turns out you can make good money as a school teacher if you stick with it for 20 years.
07: the fragrance of artificial lemon juice - I finally find the source of a kitchen smell I do not like.
08: a steady stream of accomplishments - Though comfortable, my life mostly lacks them. But today one finally happened.
09: party at the West Hurley Park - The downsides of using a rented party venue.
10: pine mowing - Both up on a ladder and down near the ground.
11: a lot of sauerkraut - After some overnight ass problems, I made lots of sanwiches rich in gluten and sauerkraut.
12: pasta shells and chanterelles - The rain is producing a lot of this delicious mushroom.
13: Powerful fledges - After what feels like an accelerated parenting experience, Powerful heads off to grad school.
14: finding specific code of interest - I'm finding TypeScript source code harder to understand than I used to find compiled 680X0 code.
15: entering the DDR4 era - An unsuccessful desktop build, my first contemporary computer since 2014.
16: the office, post-pandemic - I also get the Chevy Bolt inspected at a politically-suspect auto shop in Red Hook.
17: Walmart fast chargers - We visit Powerful up in Albany and try out an Electrify America fast charger.
18: temporary fast-rushing brook - Rains fill the forest with extra rivulets and eventually make it cool enough to take a reasonably hot bath.
19: the fragrance of warm tuna - Seeing an old colleague in Woodstock and Ramona finds something next to a dumpster.
20: mix up of the Red Hook Tuesday restaurant schedule - I unexpectedly eat a burrito instead of Chinese food.
21: maybe not such a dumpsterfire in Staunton - A family friend manages to get my mother to pay her real estate taxes, among other things.
22: my racist facial recognition software - Randomly running across Ray and Nancy in Rhinebeck while preparing to eat falafel.
23: third smartphone - Also, finally getting an AM4 motherboard to work.
24: electrical roadtrip west of the Blue Ridge - Driving a Checy Bolt hundreds of miles early in the necessary charging infrastructure.
25: thousands of IOUs - The most disturbing thing found in my mother's midden.
26: since third grade - An old classmate vouches for my undocumented family members.
27: Don meets Google Assistant - I get Don a phone that works in his trailer.
28: coronavirus vaccines for my nearest relatives - It was really easy to get them their shots at a free bluegrass event in Gypsy Hill Park.
29: my mother's childish argumentative smokescreen - I show a woman from Adult Protective Services Sara Kesterson's IOUs and then drive to Charlottesville.
30: virtual antitheft-button - Visiting Jessika and her kid and also seeing Deya for the first time in 12 years.
31: Haymarket, Wilmington, and Pompton Plains - Chargers for electric vehicles on the drive home from Charlottesville.