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Tuesday, September 21 2021
After going over together some data import issues with a fine-tooth comb up in his office, Alex and I went out to lunch together at Bubbie's. We devoured our burritos at the picnic tables across the street, and something about the burritos reminded me of the ones I used to eat in San Diego. "When did you live in San Diego," Alex asked. So I told him an outline of the story of moving there with my then-girlfriend, who was going there to attend massage therapy school. (Did she ever get a massage-therapy degree? I forget!) I then told about working my way up through dotcoms until I had enough money to make a down payment on a condo in Los Angeles. And then about how Gretchen saved me from California, which I never really liked.
On the drive homeward on Middle Road, I passed the entrance to Kesicke Farm, the one with all the ducks and geese. The road was lined with Marc Molinaro signs and maybe 50 cars were parked in a tight formation in the field. Evidently this was some sort of Marc Molinaro political event. Molinaro is a local Republican candidate who lost against Andrew Cuomo in the New York State governor's race in 2018. I wondered how Trumpy he is these days, given the autocratic nature of the failed state that the Republican party has become. It occurred to me that a single mortar round would take out a large number of assholes and douchebags if it were accurately aimed. (Since the Republican party no longer believes in democracy, surely they no longer have a problem with factions resorting to violence to achieve their political ends; they've taken peaceful elections off the table and now rely on violence themselves.)
Back at the house, Gretchen made a couscous salad that she recommended eating with hummus. Then she suggested I make myself a hummus wrap. Any food is best eaten as a burrito, so that's how I did it, and it was great. We watched the first episode of the new season of Jeopardy!, the one where Mike Richards began what he thought would be his permanent job. He's not a bad host, but I know too much about him to feel bad about his being, as the right wingers say, "canceled." (Right wingers also disapprove of "participation trophies," yet Mike Richards' career advancements seem to have depended on something not too different.)

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