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   remnants of Ida
Wednesday, September 1 2021
The remnants of Hurricane Ida came through southern New York today, and the result of this was relentless rain. It didn't rain heavily until later in the evening, and there was light enough rain in the mid-morning for me to get Neville the Dog to pee. This required carrying him in my arms up to the Farm Road and plunking his 50 pound body down there, at which point he decided he might as well urinate, since he was going to get rained on anyway. If I hadn't done this, he might well have decided to piss in the big bed or one of the smaller dog beds so as to avoid having to go out in the rain.
This evening Gretchen had me do some prep work for a mushroom stroganoff she wanted to make. I was in the bathtub when she came home enjoying water that had mostly been heated by solar energy several days ago.
At a little after 8:00pm, just as Gretchen was about to start watching one of her favorite shows (Ted Lasso), the power failed and stayed off for the rest of the night. A tree's roots had likely failed to keep the tree standing in rain-softened soil. Before going to bed, I carried Neville nearly to the Farm Road despite fairly heavy rain so he could piss again, which he dutifully did as the generators in the neighborhood hummed away.

With a little help from me, Gretchen managed to achieve Queen Bee in the New York Times Spelling Bee yesterday. Here was the picture she sent proving she had. The final word had been "WIGHT," and the panagram had been "WEIGHTY" (with "I" in the middle). There had only been 22 words.

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