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Wednesday, September 8 2021
One of the things I did today during the workday was expand the RAM on Wolverine (my most powerful desktop computer) from 16 GB to 32 GB, which should make it a reasonably formidable device for compiling to Javascript and running big complex data migrations.
The only way I access Wolverine is via RemoteDesktop. I think computers accessed via RemoteDesktop need to have a video card even though no monitor is actually attached to it, since the processing of the display data transmitted via RemoteDesktop supposedly happens in the card. The card I am using has mediocre (though not bad) performance, and it's powerful enough for me to watch YouTube videos running on a browser viewed via RemoteDesktop (which seems like a good test for this kind of setup). There is some stuttering and other pauses when I do this, but it works better than you'd think. (I don't know what the bottleneck is when doing this. It could be the video card's processing power or it could be the gigabit ethernet connection.)
By the time Gretchen got home, I'd made spaghetti with a side of sliced vegan sausage fried up with onions. Gretchen could tell immediately that I'd been drinking, even though I hadn't even said anything yet. We ended up watching both Jeopardy! and two episodes of The Other Two. Then I went down to the greenhouse for some me time, where I was eventually joined by Oscar the Cat, who slept on the greenhouse dog bed. Later in the night, a hard rain started coming down.

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