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   April 2022

01: possible covid hangover - Not good for much two days after my second booster.
02: putting away food stamp groceries - Gretchen thinks it's a good way for me to know what was purchased.
03: can't get enough Theranos-type stories - I tinker with a NodeMCU while watching WeCrashed
04: acorns and sunflower seeds - What the bears have been eating lately.
05: hating transgender people so much you're willing to excuse Putin's atrocities - Listening to Christian radio in April of 2022.
06: before the miasma reached my nose - Pseudoephedrine, Azure DevOps, cheap liquor, a visit to the local thrift store, and cold pasta salad.
07: diphenhydramine and Arduino hacking - Gretchen and I go to Poughkeepsie to apply for TSA precheck, then we eat noodles in New Paltz and I experience a few good successes.
08: transchuckleheadeness - Farrellgas finds another way to screw up a propane delivery.
09: return of the buffleheads - Also, our solar inverter doesn't produce quite enough juice for our 240 volt/30 amp car charger.
10: the needs of my big new saw - It more or less demands to be run with power from the generator.
11: a freedom very few people will ever experience - The joys of building a complex piece of electronics from scratch.
12: leak from some side of the pipe - Gretchen draws my attention to a problem with the upstairs medicine cabinet.
13: a nearly ideal long-distance electrical car road trip - We only have to charge once on a road trip from the HUdson Valley to Washington, DC.
14: beautiful day out on the Potomac - Trying to work while sitting on a balcony at the Watergate.
15: flowers at the Ukraine embassy - A stroll along the Potomac and through Georgetown.
16: seder 2022 - Hot sauce and wine at the kids' table and I learn the basics of how to play a mandolin.
17: icecream trucks of the National Mall - Hello? Also the National Botanical Garden, stories from Medicare and the Peace Corp, and Scattergories while on diphenhydramine.
18: a trap for bored rich people - Finally, a suitable setting for an Electrify America charging station.
19: overcoming my aversion to leftover Ethiopian food - Knowing how much it has been handled disgusts me but it tastes amaazing.
20: my brother's idea of the importance of 4/20 - For him, it has nothing to do with cannabis.
21: delightful purple color - More bluestone for the cabin.
22: misgendered cat - Celeste turns out to be a male cat.
23: hardware watchdog - I find a way to make my Moxee cellular hotspot much more reliable.
24: Woodworth Lake mergansers - The freshly-thawed lake appeared to be teaming with ducklife. Also, I install a dog door and make tweaks to my hotspot watchdog.
25: leaving roof repair to the professionals - I realize I don't have the time and can't afford the risk of doing all the repairs.
26: first gardening of 2022 - Starting tomato and cannabis seeds inside.
27: update on the Ukrainian outsourcing team - Apparently they're all doing okay and even continuing to work.
28: lester's coping strategies - He's imprisoned again in the upstairs bathroom while we wait for him to defecate.
29: nice hookup wire windfall - Salavaging old telephone wire along the Farm Road. And Lester finally poops.
30: five tasks at Downs Street - And then a lawn party in West Hurley with some youngish people.