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   overcoming my aversion to leftover Ethiopian food
Tuesday, April 19 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

It sounded like it was raining this morning, and it might well have been. But outside, surfaces were covered with a half inch of wet snow. Nobody wants to see that in April, but it's not a terribly uncommon phenomenon.
I spent much of the day in the remote workplace trying to get Jira working (my cookies had expired, and apparently it was configured under my old email address at the company based in Red Hook, a company that no longer really exists). Another task that also required the assistance of others was configuring my development container to use the company's single-sign-on system.
Foodwise, today, initially ate an enormous amount of plain matzo, straight from the box. At some point I wanted something a little more complicated (both nutritionally and with regard to flavor). So I overcame my aversion to how disgusting the leftover Ethiopian food was, heated up a pile of it and some injera, and had myself a delicious (if greasy) lunch. I did the same later today, though in that case the timing was such that the meal was either lupper or an early dinner. The thing that makes leftover Ethiopian food disgusting isn't how it looks; it's more about knowing how much it's been handled by the others who had been eating it with you.

When Gretchen headed off to teach her class at 5:00pm, I cracked open a bottle of strong imperial stout and gradually transitioned to watching the shows I've been watching (ones featuring con-artists and imposters). There was another episode of WeCrashed to watch. And then I enjoyed another episode of Inventing Anna. I've taken to lying on the laboratory bean bag when watching such shows, although this places me a bit far from the monitors that I can see from that angle. I should probably figure out some other system.

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