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   June 1997

01: homeless party (of sorts) - Mother Nature presents conditions tailor-made to give us an appreciation for the concept of home on the last night of our homelessness.
02: occupation of two kinds - We non-smokers move into our house and are visited by smoking gutter punks who stink up the porch. Oh, and there's no water.
03: cozy little house - A rainy day finds us with hot showers and flushable toilets.
04: grassy knoll, fucked-up carnival music & sushi - Another happy day in the utopian early phase of 129 Observatory Avenue.
05: unwitting sugar daddy - All is not roses, but still I'm happy with the situation.
06: disposing of mother - Mother is fine to a point, but then I cancel her with former girlfriend.
07: lame house warming - I should thank my lucky stars it wasn't like Big Fun's house warming.
08: Chinese fix - We are enchanted by Chinese things while we drive around in the Dodge Dart, finishing our keg.
09: ramen stir fry - Success with a variation on one of the few things I know how to cook.
10: biological quandries - Music is a biological paradox while again the process of having babies nauseates me.
11: casually pregnant - I'm dismayed and disgusted by the lack of preparation for a future baby.
12: Cobra Verde, Zachary's 21st - I listen to a CD by the Cleveland band that infused fresh blood into Guided by Voices. And Zachary comes of age.
13: cracking down on Wonderboy - Fed up with one of Zach's more annoying friends, I quit being Mr. Niceguy.
14: Elly, Elly, your site needs help - Having received more awards than anyone else on the Web, a webmistress receives some criticism.
15: morphine and vino - Another day of craziness and drug diversity starting upon awakening.
16: Nemo's first birthday - A barbecue at my house yields a respectable turnout among my friends.
17: congenital attitude - A genetic predisposition to fight as opposed to flee.
18: people I can no longer stand - More bitching about people who take from my life without giving.
19: responsible sociopathic son - Matthew Hart gives his mother a tour of his first deliberate home.
20: roughness, neccessary and otherwise - Violence, web postings, aerosol attacks and other techniques to humiliate, harass and express affection.
21: disgust as a way of life - My Saturday is ruined by disgust with Leah. Also, the Fatal Attraction crazy woman named Elly proclaims that she is taking legal action.
22: the karma of cats - Karma apparently has no effect on natural selection. Also, a tour of Ladies of the Heart and Industrial Culture.
23: fire in the kitchen - Zachary just can't manage to endear himself to me. Also Harvey's territorial behaviour.
24: spammed by an AOL newbie - Incensed over my treatment of Elly, an AOLer is on the attack! It's minor irritation here on the business end of a T1.
25: a variety of broken glass - Bottles and windows break casually on another hot summer day.
26: Peggy finds a place - Peggy will be moving out soon, and she manages to make me feel guilty. Also, the CDA is overturned.
27: friendly, tolerant & forgiving - Watching an underground publisher and an arrogant artist interact. Also, a techno party on Wertland.
28: solo tussin adventure - I'm on tussin and the girls are drunk, so we include a random turkish guy in our adventures.
29: Carter's Mountain in daylight - A phenomenal view of the Piedmont from the edge of the Appalachians. Lots of sex talk too.
30: do it yourself autobody repair - Fun with my 1975 Dodge Dart on a lazy summer day.