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   July 1997

01: moral climate - What's appropriate now may not always be.
02: Jessika of the lavender hair - Jessika suddenly appears at Kappa Mutha Fucka.
03: quarry personality test - Interesting aspects of our personality are revealed at a regionally important swimming location.
04: tubing on the 4th of July - We float down the James and then watch fireworks in Scottsville.
05: ! q!$t @ 6!rl - I wrestle with Jessika and dumpster-dive at the Salvation Army.
06: fried chicken at most - Jessika leaves for Philadelphia and I become reclusive.
07: inevitably Walmart - Drinking fruity girly drinks and driving around in a vintage Chevrolet.
08: faux heroin addicts - Some of Matthew Hart's younger friends from Waynesboro.
09: unprecedented blank digital canvas - I buy a very big hard drive for my 486.
10: mining vinyl - Picking up some old records in Staunton, Virginia.
11: defying punk rock orthodoxy - I play classic rock in defiance of punk rock/goth hegemony with remarkably little flack. Also, I get laid.
12: party at the dork fraternity - A co-ed fraternity donates some alcohol to Kappa Mutha Fucka.
13: rednecks abducted by punks - We pick up three older rednecks at the quarry and bring them back to Kappa Mutha Fucka.
14: difficulties with a steering wheel - A steering-wheel puller snaps as I try to repair a broken ignition switch in the Vomit Comet.
15: heat & pain - 99 degrees Farenheit and a sore in my mouth.
16: a dominatrix calls - Sara Poiron plans to buy a town. Also, rum drinking on a thundery rainy day with a variety of interesting people, including Diana's roommate.
17: Rory fallout & car crisis - Rory comes out of blackout and experiences remorse for damage done to Deya's car as a transportation crisis sweeps KMF.
18: Tokyo Rose doze - Drinking Rum and listening to dissonant music, I pass out at the Tokyo Rose.
19: excitement by the carload - We go visit Jenfariello and Ami Sage at the Brick Mansion in the 'Hood. Also, about our neighbor, Nigel the Pekingnese dog.
20: taking Kappa Mutha Fucka home to mother - We all go hang out at Muellers' Mountain for the day to see nature, horses, chickens and my family.
21: pirated cable - We get some free teevee channels.
22: cooking channel - The television raises its menacing glowing head.
23: weather and advertising - I'm told why I should be miserable, and for the most part I am.
24: the girl across the street - We chat with Katherine and her elderly landlord Minga; they live across the street.
25: day full of passions - I become irate at my housemates and one of the supporters of Chaz critiques my website.
26: Pink Flamingos and Pink Grapefruit - We drink booze and watch a famous John Waters film in the run-down Jefferson Theatre on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall.
27: Poollapolooza - We trespass in a number of pools after midnight.
28: Lightening and Coronas - A trip to the quarry is cut short by a big storm. Escaping the heat, we drink ice beers and Coronas.
29: Six Million Dollar Memories - I watch some old SciFi from my childhood and a boxing match too.
30: online community of hysteria - A relationship is discovered between the style of page design and temperament of the designer.
31: Musings' birthday link farm - I direct you to some cool sites and I see Nemo actually walk!