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   August 1997

01: epiphany at the Taco Bell - We of Kappa Mutha Fucka set out to visit Diana and Virginia without the company of our British friend.
02: the streets of the East Village - Heroin and alcohol do their annoying things as I experience the hip and trendy part of New York.
03: Coney Island freak show - I pass out on the board walk, recover, and eventually enjoy being the only straight guy in a gay bar.
04: getting the hell out of that wormy apple - We make it back to Charlottesville with an hour to spare.
05: Nicekid revealed - I have a low-wattaged day as I recover from the New York City trip. Virtual life was interesting while I was gone.
06: no life'd dork - I spend my unpaid waking hours with my hands on an IP address.
07: picture of a redneck family - Also, problems with Atlas, my brother's diet and Matthew Hart's restored pupils.
08: crazy trumps tough guy ensemble - I defeat a group of tough guy web critics on the streets of Charlottesville.
09: sacrifice for domestic tranquility - A case of historical revisionism.
10: the fish of Lake Moomaw - We go visit Matthew Hart's friend CJ, who has a boat on Lake Moomaw in western Virginia. The evening ends with the smoking of a Phillies Blunt.
11: bike theft fandango - News of crime in the nighborhood. Also, Matthew makes a chilled soup for a wisdom tooth extractee.
12: go see Rory's website - He's getting pretty knockon at the old HTML. Also, the similarity of alcoholics and people on heroin.
13: what it takes to be five star - Contrasting two Charlottesville restaurants, some gossip about Deya and her new friend, and the continuing saga of Matthew's ID.
14: wet streets - They hiss like frying bacon.
15: meatspace manifesto - The usual discontent with my social life and also my taking a few measures to assert my independence and adulthood.
16: an unpopularity documentary - We watch Welcome to the Dollhouse, and I bruise my elbow at the Brick Mansion In the Hood.
17: men of the heart and guy of the pie - Some links as I recuperate from a damaged elbow.
18: fashionably fascist - A pleasant conversation with an older skinhead leader named Wingnut.
19: Eric Huffman, nazi skinhead with a pleasant face - I deal with the scariest skinhead of all, a bona-fide self-labeled nazi.
20: informational spirtualism - An oddly non-materialist philosophy.
21: Kentucky Sunrise - Matthew Hart invents a drink and I discuss the difference between punks and skinheads.
22: bowling beside the mullet people - We drink a few beers and bowl a few frames.
23: the house is surely haunted - Rory's house turns out to be a well-known Charlottesville haunted house.
24: barbecue with quarter keg - Matthew Hart fires up the grill for a Sunday evening of beer, dancing, and mostly vegan cooking.
25: humiliation dreams - I find myself being emotionally destroyed in unusually vivid dreams.
26: behold your essential nature - A few choice words from a drunk diarest to the opposition.
27: the monastic pattern - I can entertain myself fairly well all by myself.
28: very surreal stuff - Unknowingly cyberseduced, the Twilight Zone, and rumbles from Elly.
29: crashing a law students' party - The Brazilian Girls are visiting for the weekend and Fratville is hopping, so why not crash some parties?
30: Haunted House housewarming - Aaron the SHARP gets ridiculed, I make up a nice little violent love song, and hang out with a different crowd in a hot tub.
31: Di's demise and free pizza pies - A smushed princess, some free stuff throughout Charlottesville, and unsuccessful train hopping.