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   September 1997

01: how Altavista improved my love life - A sixteen year old girl visits me and we have a brief but intense afternoon together.
02: Frat Boy Machine: the components - I'm building a machine to make Frat Boys out of regular folks. Here's the basic parts list.
03: Frat Boy Machine: assembly - Making the thing look high-tech by spray painting it silver, I inhale far too many fumes.
04: Frat Boy Machine: details - Skinheads complain to Comet, devastation at Kappa Mutha Fucka, and attention to details on the Frat Boy Machine.
05: Frat Boy Machine: a demonstration - The Machine works perfectly, and I encounter a little actual violence with skinheads on the Downtown Mall of Charlottesville.
06: half pre-anthropoid - With a sprained thumb on my left hand, I know how non-ape primates must feel. Also, some gut-wrenching sexual politics.
07: trip to the Tidewater - Kappa Mutha Fucka, Natalie and Sarah go on a road trip to Williamsburg and Virginia Beach.
08: what the sexes are for - Why people like to watch the X Files.
09: friends for his morphine - CJ abandons his friends at the hospital when it turns out that all they really want from him are his prescription medicines.
10: infuriatingly pastel - I miss the chance to be Charlottesville's Michelangelo.
11: retro-glamsters - Some day you Warrant fans can claim you're old school. Also, a Carolyn Burke glossary, thoughts about feelings, and the way ugly girls smell.
12: Friday night excitement, in my dreams - I forego the adventures of my friends and instead experience peculiar entertainment in my dreams.
13: news of a British felon - Rory is in jail for felony hit and run. Also, I attend a Yellow Journal party at his house.
14: amputated internet - For a few hours, I find myself completely cut off from a major new organ of my body.
15: sadness comes in threes - We bail out Rory, but his spirit is broken. Matthew and Leah announce they are going different ways.
16: it's a Virgo! - Peggy delivers the Baboose and I get a little media attention.
17: apples and ant lions - We visit the new baby up on Carter's Mountain and drink a lot of alcohol.
18: treachery two - Rory is caught in bed with Leah, deepening Matthew's misery. Also, a very strange dream of a wired future, and lots of news and gossip from Jessika.
19: dissecting betrayal - I discuss Rory's behaviour with several people, including Jessika, Matthew and even Rory himself, and members of my house go visit the local fraternity.
20: hangover mental condition - I lose higher-level powers of concentration.
21: the hit and run contingent - Rory, Leah and Ocean have been welded together into a clique by the stress of the recent hit and run incident.
22: nothing happened - A certain satisfaction despite the emptiness of the experience.
23: Primitive Beat - Scotch drinking among the aquarii, and I read about those smelly Beat dudes.
24: to read, save and be desired - On environmental radicals, my father, teaching your kids to read, and the value of affirmation.
25: bottle of special magic - A bottle of tequila, a new computer for Matthew, and a new mailing list for me.
26: spy in our midst - On another drunken night, Angela's boyfriend hangs out with us to spy on the Matthew-Angela situation.
27: disowned on our front porch - Angela's mother critiques her daughter's new friends. Also, we hang out with a molecular biologist.
28: the dry white spirit of tussin - We experiment with powdered Dextromethorphan.
29: those clunky noises - There wasn't much to talk about as I swatted at evil grey and white Tiger Mosquitos. Matthew and Angela did little errands, such as up to his room.
30: spam skirmish, sex weapon - While spammers roam free, they will face enemies like me. Also, what's wrong with the uses I see made of sex.