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   October 1997

01: marijuana obsessed - Meet Peggy's brother, Pete. He loves pot. Also, my concern about Angela's contributions to Matthew's drinking. And a story of my near-involvement in a threesome.
02: just like Big Fun - We can't figure out how to turn on the heat, so we sit in the cold, listening to the Pixies and drinking vino.
03: abuse in the free world - A sober exhibit at the Downtown Artspace leaves Matthew craving booze.
04: seduced - After a Curious Digit show, I get seduced at a party by a anonymous girl in a black dress.
05: waking up with a stranger - I introduce myself to an strange girl whom I find in my bed and we spend the day together having lots of really good sex.
06: solo Dextromethorphan adventure - I eat some DXM powder and wander around on a warm sunny day by myself.
07: extending my life - Comet loses power on my clock. Also: eating sushi and laughing a lot are the path to long life and happiness.
08: happily ever after - Why we must resist the temptations of comfort.
09: influences and coincidences - What made me who I am. Also, Kelly tells me of spending the night with one of my old college chums.
10: measures of freedom - I rebel against the implicit slavery of an impending romantic relationship.
11: screwdriver plunge technique - How to open a bottle of wine without a cork screw. Also reflections of the glorification of innocence.
12: miserable trip to richmond - Sunday brunch with the 30-somethings and Theresa's presence spoils a trip to Richmond.
13: bank holiday biking - In celebration of the discovery of America by REAL HUMANS, I cannot cash my paycheck.
14: fuck cars - America spends a lot for its car addiction in terms of taste and safety. Also, the pursuit of SIMMs.
15: sex as a social sacrament - An analysis of my sexual behaviour with an evolutionary perspective, along with a real world example. Also a review of the movie Donnie Brasco.
16: awoken by a dominatrix - Sara and Jessika return to town and not a whole lot else.
17: hating biology - Steve Weiner deals with his phlegm and annoys us with unrefined conversation while a baby poos and poos. Later, I attend a prom.
18: JPA Dextromethorphan adventure - Deya, the Malvern Girls and I eat dextromethorphan and wander through the university district of Charlottesville, Virginia.
19: vengeance - The Haunted House bars us from hanging out in their untended house and we react. Also, a visit to Scottsville to visit Stink the Cat.
20: hate mail - I get some unusual hate mail, see Jessika and Sara off to Philadelphia, and experience a DXM hangover.
21: not cute - I'm sick of drunks, stinginess, juvenile penis discussions, and everything being broken.
22: staying out of the cold - A cold Fall day, and things are as usual at Kappa Mutha Fucka. Also: I manage to get my Dart out of the driveway.
23: fun with archives - Careful what you express; it may well be archived. Also, a little about the wisdom of shrewd social investments.
24: five o'clock Friday - A dreary day for viewing some award-winning photographs taken by locals.
25: sickness and socializing - Sick relationships lead to sick socializing. Meanwhile, I get physically ill for no known reason while fixing an old CD-ROM.
26: notluck - I'm kind of sick, and unbeknownst to us, a vegan potluck is canceled, but we go to it anyway.
27: aging, death and Elizabeth Taylor - Old ladies avoid the inevitable by following Liz Taylor's example. Also, the societal problems of conquering death.
28: my first real song - I record a song for you to hear over the web, I eat a morphine pill and there's news of yet another Rory fuck up.
29: missing a Joe Christ show - Transportation becomes an issue, and I miss the most extreme of the self-mutilating film makers.
30: Joe Christ in Charlottesville, Virginia - He hangs out with my crazy friends, and they live to tell the tales. Also, I give a guest lecture on the Web and HTML.
31: Halloween in the 'Hood - I don't just celebrate Halloween one day each year; I live it year round. Also, Rory tries to earn some money, and flirting with a Dutch girl.