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   July 1998

01: better than making babies - With our powers of information storage and retrieval, biological reproduction is just the more anachronistic of the ways we humans can create.
02: off to Ann Arbor - After some halting steps and disenchantments, Jen and I finally hit the road.
03: a series of first impressions - All about Ann Arbor and some of the cool people who live there.
04: church of cards - I join a parade on the Fourth of July in Ann Arbor Michigan.
05: the luck of Wacky Jen - She pan-handles, wins at cards, and gets busy with me. Also, Matt Rogers, my college chum, pays a visit.
06: livin' on a porch - The cyber-porch of Matt Rogers in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
07: tussin' in Ann Arbor - Matt Rogers and I tour the Heidelberg project and later hang out with a lady friend and take gel cap tussin.
08: Pranger & Pasco - Chris Pranger tracks me down in Ann Arbor after finding one of my musings promotional flyers.
09: especially geeky evening - We gather in Vanessa's basement for an evening of installing Windows 95 from floppy disks.
10: covert drinking in Ann Arbor - We walk the crowded streets with Arizona tea laced with vodka, and later visit a pixie-like girl named Karen.
11: WCBN people - I get lucky with a girl who I meet at a benefit for WCBN, a student radio station in Ann Arbor.
12: jealous boyfriend - Kim and I spend the day together in little towns to the west of Ann Arbor and then there's an altercation with her old boyfriend.
13: to grandmother's house we go - Escaping to Wyandotte to recoup from the stresses of Ann Arbor.
14: sex & muscle relaxants - It takes a long time not to come.
15: gated community - We visit wild Aunt Bettie, who has settled down in her marriage but who likes for her guests to stay refreshed.
16: much like the Truman Show - Is Kim, the girl I'm romancing, just like Truman in the Truman show?
17: luck while traveling - As represented by a rabbit foot hanging from the rearview mirror of a young mother from Tiffin, Ohio.
18: no rides from Oprah - The queen of daytime television fails to pick me up as I travel from Columbus, Ohio to Beckley, West Virginia.
19: changes in the observer - Make the observed difficult to recognize.
20: I'm my own person - So Kim discovers, but still she doesn't know the bigger frame around the world we're beginning to share.
21: give me my elevations - AAA road atlases prove shockingly inadequate.
22: congenital dambuilder - It's nice to have deep water when the weather is hot.
23: to take me home - My brother's fragrance, and Kim and I have a confusing series of discussions after she learns of the musings.
24: actually kind of bored - Mostly cultural comments on things like Hamburger Helper and insulting local advertisements.
25: it's time to move on - I don't need to play that stupid asexual game anymore.
26: local man comes a'court'n' - A redneck weirdo tries to woo my mother with peaches and apples.
27: teevee system - Fixing the local cable network.
28: boiled egg incident - My mother eats boiled eggs in the Shaque and I throw a fit about it.
29: whirlwind romance ends - Kim cannot stand her coverage in the musings and calls our relationship off.
30: retraction - Kim wants me back again.
31: loose ends in Charlottesville - I attend a photography exhibit at the Downtown Artspace and later make peace with some tough guys.