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graphic evidence

These are a sample of some paintings and drawings I've made through the years. Many have accompanying paragraphs or fragments of poetry, texts I refer to as "paragrams." There are a number of images at the end of this presentation that are not shown at right, much like the hidden tracks on all "alternative rock" albums since Nevermind.

If you like my art and would like to purchase a painting, you can email me and make an offer. The prices are not necessarily firm, and I am willing to consider your financial circumstances. I also occasionally do commission work. If you're wealthy and want me to paint full time, hell, become my sponsor!

Cello Music
Cats Over Infants
Magic Horse
We Will Not Tolerate
Felis diabolica
The Need for more Shopping Malls

5 of the Rest of Your Life
Tower of Babel
Woman Crucified
When You Arrive
Where it First Happened
Original Sin
Ether Drapes Earth
Hormone Prisoners
Distant Music on a Warm Spring Evening
Solo Viola
Given the Circumstances
Guitar Solace
Static Electricity
The Pizza Bomb Crisis
Gates of Hell
You Said Love
Another's Religion
Five O'Clock Day
Fashion Victim