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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - San Diego Rory California Galoka B Steph EJ Pacific Beach Ds Kim CDs LH Los Angeles Kama Sutra Grand Pooh Bah Rogers S M Austin

February - Gaslamp District PL SQL DBA National Enquirer Italian V CD Enigma Janet Jackson Francisco Santa Monica Shiva

March - Daschund Eastwood Clint Point Loma La Jolla Museum Brentwood LA West Restrained Unveiled Park Geeks Simpsons Law Order Hitchcock Psycho Mexicans Horton Plaza

April - Abbott Venice Vista Olympic Avenue Firestation Bicycle Shop PC Anywhere Sophie Evan Ocean Scissors Dinosaurs Street Restaurant Pete Indian

May - Carlsbad SL Fighters Bush DSL LOVEYOU River NN Indians Blvd H1 VH1 The Carl Jr Goddesses Hollywood Anthea Dragonfly Twister MP3s German Girl Being John Malcovitch Thai Lisa Latter Malibu TV Gloom Malvern

June - Britney Spears Insinkerator Ecstacy Froggy Topanga Canyon Club General Manager Paul Ann Arbor Block Ecstasy Raid CollegeClub Big Fun Glossary BLOG Hills Mountains Real Estate Max Dr Studios Nizoral

July - Survivor Brother Bundy Drive Huffy Show Earth Wind Flour Zachary Firkaly A Wilshire Susan Mario Robert Democratic Sex Studio Meth

August - Goddesstemple Mary Cheny French Earthlink K Promenade Dept Gas Marina Del Rey Spaceland Silverlake Whiskey Biscuit Nikolai Student Advantage Linda Kinkos Seattle

September - Out In AOL Instant Messenger Work II CO CTO Tree Hotel Access Compton Jamie Maria Night Bathtub Central

October - Link Southern BathtubGirl AI ADD W UK Fernando

November - Alchemist British London Don LePre Bathtubgirl Asian Laurie Viper Room Julian Masta Brothers America Syndrome Stockholm Tommy

December - Judas Priest E Lunar Event Snow Snowsurfer Windows Reservoir Saloon Dirtygirl Tommy Lee Lord Savior Boston Nirvana Adderall Salvia New Year