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Thursday, January 13 2000
Things I considered today:

Misplaced Time Capsules

They don't seem to last more than five or ten years in the ground.

Major-Label Sugar Clones

I was listening again to Overwhelming Colourfast for the first time in years.

Unique File Names for Dynamically-generated files


The great drumming in the song "Tom Sawyer" by Rush

On my bike ride home, I was listening to the local hard rock station and that song came on. I'd never paid any attention to the drumming before, but there it was.

The interesting cricket chirps in that new song by... (is it Nine Inch Nails?)

It rather reminds me of the way nights were extra creepy when I was a kid.

The utter lameness of cheese pizza

It's one of the least remarkable foods that people eat.

Government money spent on altering the content of television broadcasts

Just imagine what would happen to entertainment if it was completely funded and scripted by our government. [REDACTED]

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