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   January 2000

01: millennium begins - Continuing to prepare my parents for the new millennium.
02: mesas 2000 - I write another crazy letter to the editor.
03: shipping pictures - I mail my paintings to San Diego.
04: a sort of homecoming - Dealing with evils such as Rory and the landlord upon our return to California.
05: back to the grindstone - Resuming my employed life in the new millennium.
06: filet mignon - The company throws down on a banquet for regional marketers and I help drink the expensive wine and eat the gourmet food.
07: how not to run a gallery - We strike Galoka from our social universe after contending with an owner's frustratingly self-obsessed ego.
08: life in a PB garage - Kim and I visit Steph and EJ for a party at their place in Pacific Beach.
09: extremely mediocre bloody marys - Partying on a hangover.
10: quantified - Our workplace performance is now on the wall for all to see.
11: how to handle CDs - I show Kim the pristine surfaces of my CDs.
12: impromptu opening - I display my old paintings for the first time in California.
13: things I considered - Something about a titillating sexual experience.
14: don't worry your PLH - Cliqueish corporate attitudes.
15: apocalyptic erotica - We seve as the studio audience for an odd web cast in downtown Los Angeles.
16: kama sutra in the cold - Kim and I pose outdoors for a Kama Sutra photo shoot.
17: nutrient or a poison - How brandy maintains my bacterial balance.
18: antimotivation - The Grand Pooh Bah continues to make me hate my job.
19: Matt Rogers in San Diego - A college chum comes to visit.
20: yikes - I slam a finger in the door.
21: western sense of time - I slam a finger in the door.
22: stolen show - Kim gets up on the S & M cross.
23: brain and ass - Uploading your brain, fighting with Kim.
24: typical Byzantine creepiness - More news from the strange dark workings behind the scenes at my workplace.
25: typical Byzantine creepiness - More news from the strange dark workings behind the scenes at my workplace.
26: pretense eradication - I drink whiskey and spell colour as color.
27: they got my back - A confrontation with another neurotic project leader in Austin.
28: appearances are everything - In business, having something to show is far more important than having something that works.
29: four track recording is hard work - Something you discover when you actually go to record a song.
30: temporarily Schteve-free world - Football-free Superbowl Sunday.
31: first and last visions - Critical-care hospital wards.