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Sunday, January 2 2000
The day started out warm and wet and got progressively warmer, with temperatures rising well into the sixties. Kim was suffering from some pretty serious cabin fever, so she and I went into Downtown Staunton to see a matinee movie with my brother Don (who, unlike me, watches lots of movies). We were late for that Tim Burton version of The Headless Horseman, so we saw the James Bond flick The World is Not Enough instead. The tickets were dirt cheap, coming to something like seventy five cents each, but the concessions came to eight dollars. I've never seen a soft drink so large in my entire life; I'd just wished I'd brought a flask of something with which to spike it. The movie turned out to be about the most forgettable film I've ever seen in a theatre. It couldn't have been a good sign that I found myself nodding off during a chase scene. And one actress, that hot heroine chick starring with 007 at the end, makes Mark Hamill look like Robert Redford. She was full of memorably wooden lines such as "They stole a nuclear bomb today!"
In the evening I wrote my first crank letter to the editor in five years, this one inspired by my returning home to find renewed citizen discomfort at the constant relocations of the Staunton Walmart and Lowes super stores. These days letters can be sent to the editor of the Staunton Daily News Leader via direct email. (I encourage my readers to contribute their own!)

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