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   July 2000

01: birthday at the erotic gallery - The day after Ecstasy indulgence is never much fun.
02: trouble with Johnny Law - Kim gets pulled over as she drives on the deserted streets of the city of Venice.
03: beware the company that trumpets small freedoms - I reflect on my experience at
04: cucumber dildo - July 4th at Dr. Suzy Block's studio.
05: stupid teevee - I watch Survivor and the debut of Big Brother.
06: watch it grow - The demise page goes viral.
07: battle of the proxy celebrities - Kim's massage therapist from Ocean Beach come to visit, despite Kim's attempts to keep that from happening.
08: building a room with no way out - Another huge fight, this one ending with Kim's departure for an unspecified location.
09: generally quiet in West LA - Kim is gone, and I can do my work in solitude, the way I like to do it.
10: accident in West LA - Report from a car crash on Bundy Drive.
11: second anniversary - Two years ago today, Kim and I met in Ann Arbor. Tonight we dine in Hollywood.
12: without transportation - My Huffy bicycle remains on the fritz.
13: Olympic Blvd. - West LA isn't a particularly good place to be a pedestrian.
14: taz ma dazzle - I connect some things in my head while tripping on the designer drug Ecstasy.
15: frilly frilly frou frou - Kim wears a white lacy fetish outfit to tonight's Dr. Susan Block Show.
16: bario bike shop - I buy a bike at a bikeshop in a bario near downtown Los Angeles.
17: read closely - Kim freaks out on me in the morning before I leave for work about the spin I give her in my journal, and the fight continues via email all day.
18: an excuse me but zone - Pizza at Earth, Wind and Flour in Santa Monica.
19: a misunderstood Zachary figure - The Zachary Firkaly of Survivor is voted off the island.
20: into the fields - At the Dr. Susan Block studio, I play the role of an intellectual sent into the rice fields.
21: best of LA - A live Dr. Susan Block performance.
22: where's the bag? - A lady heckles us on the street near Wilshire Blvd. when she observes us not carrying a poop bag.
23: waxy layers - Strange art at the Susan Block Studios.
24: driven - Driven from my house by my jealous girlfriend.
25: dead tired - I get home, collapse into bed, wake up hours later and hang out with Mario and Robert.
26: now continuous - The relationship between me and Kim has reached a state of continuous warfare.
27: delays - Delays in the workplace and in the crediting of my credit card account.
28: never good enough - The ordeals of helping Kim with her website.
29: Demerotic - The Democratic Sex opening at Dr. Susan Block's Studio.
30: crystal clear recovery - The motivation-free day after Crystal Meth abuse.
31: no more - Kim reads my email one time too many and I officially break up with her.