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   June 2000

01: cooks in the kitchen - I try to prepare angelhair pasta in Kim's kitchen.
02: vampire ecology - My girlfriend also throws a fit about Britney Spears.
03: little stones - Kim puts little garden stones through the Insinkerator.
04: issues at Froggy's - Kim and I take Ecstacy and, when we're coming down, go to a bar called Froggy's in Topanga Canyon.
05: advertisements will be perfectly molded - I begin writing a program that can perfectly target advertisements.
06: installing the Goddess server - Goddesstemple Evan and I spend some time digitally crossing t's and dotting i's.
07: running low on cash - They fired their General Manager and are slated to run out of cash by Friday.
08: Puritanical baggage - I'm allowed to take a bath with the door shut.
09: kiddie rave - Kim's old boyfriend Paul visits from Ann Arbor and we accidentally go to a kiddie rave.
10: Dr. Susan Block's birthday - We take Ecstasy before attending a low-key webcasted event.
11: a day for napping - After a late night on Ecstasy, it's just better to be asleep, if you're not rolling over ontop of Sophie.
12: dot this - After a late night on Ecstasy, it's just better to be asleep, if you're not rolling over ontop of Sophie.
13: suburban reflexes - Kim freaks out when she sees an ant highway on the front stoop and goes out to buy some Raid.
14: all there is is will - More bad news from the deathwatch for in San Diego.
15: when you're above them in an airplane - A slight fungal infection relocates from Kim's back to her belly.
16: all that web overburden - The Big Fun Glossary is rediscovered by BLOG people.
17: double date at the dentist's - Kim and I get our teeth cleaned, attend a Santa Monica housewarming, then head into downtown LA.
18: Hollywood Hills - We drive around on the weird looping streets ascending the steep face of the Santa Monica Mountains.
19: cheap Santa Monica Real Estate - I realize how a Santa Monica trailer park found the necessary cheap real estate: it's downwind from a landfill.
20: boo hoo - Kim and I continue to fight.
21: demographics and freeways - Los Angeles teaches lessons in demographics and sociology. Also, hanging out with Max from Dr. Block Studios.
22: my secret reality unveiled - Kim shows herself as a meddlesome girlfriend to my co-workers.
23: fun with presciption pain killers - I get some dental work done and Kim battles it out with readers on my forum about her performance yesterday.
24: molar mismatch - My teeth have not matched up since my trip to the dentist, and it's cause for considerable aggravation.
25: a vision of the end of humanity - I see the ancient remains of a woman picking through and merging with the trash.
26: conservative and ossified - I aggregate some webcam feeds coming from a foundering
27: wrong drugs - I accidentally take Kim's Nizoral thinking it codeine.
28: artist soon to be known - Kim and I fight about whether or not a certain web personality is an artist.
29: the convenience of third world transportation in the age of dot coms - The head of product development borrows my ancient Huffy.
30: big drink 30th - Kim and I do a particularly expensive dinner at Trader Vic's in Beverley Hills to celebrate her 30th birthday.