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Like my brownhouse: running low on cash
Wednesday, June 7 2000
An anonymous tipster going only by the name WTAWTAW sent word today that Eric Berman, the General Manager and co-founder of, had been sacked. Not only that, but Collegeclub is likely to run out of money by the end of the week. It's unbelieveable how badly everything has gone for that company since they fired me! If I were a superstitious man and if I really felt I was any more righteous than Michæl Pousti (the Grand Pooh Bah), I'd say that karmic forces were at play here, but really, guys, it's just bad luck for my erstwhile employer.

Yes, even Webby-Award-Winning John H. Styn has flown the CollegeClub.Com coop, though I'm a little surprised he wasn't canned soon after that stuffed porcupine ("It's all U!") replaced him as the company mascot. I sorta wish we were still working on message boards together, and I also sorta wish his BLOG was somewhat less positive. While we're on that note:

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