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Wednesday, June 14 2000
WTAWTAW - "Where there's a will, there's a way." It's the driving axiom for, my erstwhile employer back in San Diego. But the latest news from the deathwatch indicates that "will" may be the only bubblegum holding the rotting edifice together. The main offices have been moved to lower rent space, the staff has been reduced, the money has dried up, both Grand Pooh Bahs I and II have quit (or been made to do so), and only the die hard likes of Paymon, Jay Jay and Lydia remain. And if those guys should lose their will, all is lost: all those all nighters and all those 150 hour weeks. Most importantly, of course, is the loss of all those years spent working for peanuts and worthless stock options under psychologically abusive circumstances. The truely hard core at CollegeClub sacrificed the best years of their lives, stunting their social and intellectual development, just to fulfill another man's dream. And now that man is gone. What the hell are people doing still working there? The power of WTAWTAW never ceases to amaze me.
Matt from, using the terminology from my corporate lexicon, composed the following hilarious press release that you'll never find in the CollegeClub press room.

As the subject matter expert for CollegeClub, Michael Pousti leveraged his skill-set to assign responsibilty for challenges and deliverables, but failed to take ownership of the necessary milestones which would have eliminated the scope creep of CollegeClub's success. Moreover, without a coach, Pousti became a results-driven bottleneck. "What's in it for me?" he'd ask his points-of-contact, when they requested meetings to sync up metrics or touch base to discuss action items.

Acting under the paradigm of open communication (but keeping Pousti out of the loop), the executive team met offline and drilled down to the conclusion Pousti was a resource which neither added value (in spite of his generous compensation package and resource bonuses), nor was there a way to incentivize his focus. Since no knowledge transfer was necessary, the executive team shouted "Where there's a will, there's a way!" dehired Pousti, and proactively took CollegeClub to the next level by embracing and extending his project management system.

In other news, I got started on Kim's bathtubgirl website. There's never a moment's rest here in the 21st Century.

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