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   installing the Goddess server
Tuesday, June 6 2000
After work, Goddesstemple Evan and I got together, drove to my house and picked up the new Windows 2000 server for and I've been working on it on and off for over two months, and finally I was ready for it to be installed at Evan's ISP. We drove down to the makeshift ISP in the back of the manicurist salon on Ocean Park Blvd. and tracked down Darin, the burly proprietor of the place. In a tiny server room in the back, we lay the server on its side and fought our way through various configuration mismatches. The others did most of the work; I just hung out with nothing to do but notice how much the place smelled like's original grungy office on Elliewood Avenue (upstairs from a hair salon and back by Morgan Anarchy's favorite set of rail road tracks). As a nostalgic odor, it's definitely not unpleasant. I think it's the smell you inevitably get whenever you cram lots of live electronics into a tiny room and blow a second-hand window-mounted air conditioner over it all.
Next Evan and I went back to my place and sat in front of the computer. Now it was his turn to watch as I dotting the i's and slashing the x's on my ASP and SQL code in an effort to get my scripts to talk to his credit card processor. I was sipping red wine the whole time. In the end, though, Evan's trial copy of WebQuota turned out to be expired, and we had to call it quits for the night.

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