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Monday, June 26 2000
I've been doing web stuff since what could be called the late early days. The first platform I actually wrote for was Netscape 2, though I remember using Netscape 1 and wondering what anyone could possibly do to improve it. There are obvious advantages to being an old timer, but there are disadvantages as well. One of these is that my thinking about the web remains conservative and ossified. I haven't bothered to learn lots of new things because I've become accustomed to the clunky imperfect old way of doing things. So, just by way of example, there's absolutely no use of style sheets anywhere on my site. Nor do I use any of the many backend technologies I've mastered (except for such canned solutions as the Ultimate Bulletin Boards I use for my forum). By and large I've found that my publishing needs are met by web technology that was state of the art in the Fall of 1996. To my way of thinking, ordinary text (with a few images) is the best way for intelligent minds to communicate.
But even restricting myself to just that level of technology, it's easy to forget to do obvious fun & relevant projects, such as my new aggregation of webcams documenting the imminent demise of You know, dear reader, it really is a special time to be a human being! Right in the middle of a company where the optimistically-named "revenue resource" has difficulty communicating with engineering, it's possible for just anyone to see for themselves the effect of cash depletion and management desertion on a corporation's foot soldiers.

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