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   January 2001

01: ouch my soul - Multiple hangovers simultaneously.
02: funny characters - Bathtubgirl complains about funny characters in her password.
03: sick day teevee - I stay home all day and watch teevee because of the flu or something.
04: John's cold sore diagnosis - John tells Fernando that he has herpes.
05: yet lucidly poised - John and Chun and I hang out listening to Badly Drawn Boy.
06: rooster tail execution - I cut my hair but I don't look any younger. Also, I see the movie Traffic.
07: homegrown tomato - I finally eat a tomatoë from the vine growing on the stoop.
08: Black Monday - Lots of layoffs, the creative.exe virus, and the UK people return.
09: right-handed deep double-bore shimmy - People from Britain are unabashed with their nose picking.
10: rain on Olympic - Watching the Santa Monica traffic choking on the rain.
11: HTML for Managers - With no grunts to do the work, managers find themselves brushing up on their HTML skills.
12: waste the entire night - Starting with an art opening and moving on to socially-craven behavior.
13: spectacles on the Santa Monica Promenade - Again in search of adventure, I walk down to the Promenade.
14: alcohol helps musical efforts - I drink booze and do some four track stuff.
15: MLK Day drug crisis - My housemate loses a bunch of ecstasy pills.
16: La Cienega Target Store - The black security guard only checks the bags of black customers.
17: copy and paste age - I make the leap to entirely digital studio techniques.
18: bigger piece of crap - The plagiarist comes clean and I attempt more digital studio work.
19: Zuma Beach, Malibu - The UK team takes a little vacation.
20: welcome to the Chimpocracy - I'm hung over as another right wing administration is sworn in.
21: drop of precious oil - The return of a favorite old Guided By Voices tune.
22: instead of a dissonant beep - Napster frees us from a regional manager at Walmart and work helps our serotonin levels.
23: not purposeless slacking - Fun with AIM and hanging out with my housemate so as not to get too alienated from him.
24: completely politically inert - What's wrong with my erstwhile boss Linda.
25: the fund - More money than is needed to pay for our Community Team reunion throwdown along the Venice Boardwalk.
26: make the Romans do as you do - Fun with the UK team at Q's, the West LA fratboy pool hall.
27: old school rock and roll - Smallstone and Pink Fairies at the Troubadour.
28: company bike - I take possession of Frank's old bike.
29: unexpected new hairs - A safety razor up the nose works well.
30: southern fried rock 'n' roll really - John and I see Moth at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, but the crowd is there for Creeper Lagoon.
31: smoked oyster craving - Another workplace hangover, so I go home and eat a tin of smoked oysters.