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   July 2002

01: Creepy-crawling Christian creatures - They keep trying to foist their smarmy religion on the general population.
02: attending my first sporting event - We see a women's basketball game at Madison Square Garden: New York vs. Seattle.
03: summer heat and its sidekick in misery - Living with heat and stupidity.
04: Fourth of July in Prospect Park - Gretchen and I do an outdoors Fourth of July with Lin and her posse.
05: Yahoo! reorders its buttons - How to get some cheap clicks on your Shopping button.
06: tumors versus babies - Chatting with Mary Purdy at Cara Mia in Midtown Manhattan.
07: eight - I break my personal masturbation record yet again.
08: more hair in the backyard - Another mostly mirror-free haircut.
09: across the air shaft - Nannydom is probably good for Jamaican culture over the long term, and music is a fine form of baby making.
10: a jihad I'd be willing to fund - Jami and I eat pasta in the East Village. Also, using Kazaa to discover new music.
11: white gay cruising in Prospect Park - It's a slightly different scene from the Vale of Cashmere.
12: indelibly printed on my sense of right and wrong - Not recycling in Bloomberg's New York. Also, I catch Yo La Tengo in Prospect Park.
13: slacker in businessman's attire - My old housemate John blows into town with his new girlfriend Julie and we dress up and hit the bars of the East Village.
14: merely an imperfect simulation - The bleakness of Pedro the Lion and Wolfram's new book.
15: Propaganda for Dummies - Bush talks, stocks drop. But a blue screen of propaganda doesn't go unanalyzed. Also, a lousy 20 megabyte hard drive.
16: our signal buried in noise - Thoughts about the similarity between advanced technology and absolute entropy.
17: genuine brushes and tubes of acrylics - Painting on a weird shaped piece of masonite.
18: in Heaven everything is fine - Painting on a weird shaped piece of masonite.
19: crazy woman in a white dress - She tells me her life story on the corner of Prospect Park West and President Street.
20: how Curtis Mayfield died - I learn the story at the Prospect Park bandshell.
21: not quite green enough - Nearby restaurants are never as good.
22: so self-enforcing - Rules don't take much effort to maintain, even in New York. But there are still quite a few freaks.
23: ersatz sea creatures - Gretchen goes to the Coney Island Aquarium.
24: torrent of rambling missives - Our neighbor Crazy Jane writes us some rambling letters, I have an idea for a business, and Gretchen and I get together with friends to try out the new Indian restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
25: put the kraut in sauerkraut or vice versa - Weak muscles from heavy lifting, and something about the Jewish Giant Eddie Carmel.
26: on the strength of the music alone - We see a dance performance at Celebrate Brooklyn.
27: the tragedy of the commons - Prospect Park under a precipitation of consumer detritus.
28: the Cloisters - A medieval museum at the north end of Manhattan.
29: marketing my new business - Flyers around Park Slope.
30: prefer being a wizard to being a huckster - The first job of my business.
31: AOL-Time Warner concert - A free New York Philharmonic concert in Prospect Park.