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   August 2002

01: articles that vindicate - Too addicted to news in these troubled times.
02: another one of the taxes the childless pay - Singing spanking anthems.
03: Jackson Heights-Astoria-East Village - Indian Food, beers, and the Great Dalmuti.
04: weirdoes, rednecks & rabbis - I was weird as an Oberlin student, and accounts of rednecks fascinate rabbis, who maintain their rosy view of the humanity through mushy logic.
05: real hero sometimes - Gretchen intercedes on behalf of a stalking victim.
06: 70s Night at the Garden - I watch the New York Liberty defeated by the Minnesota Lynx.
07: running laptop and a dipole antenna - Testing the range of my new wireless access point.
08: social exercise - A business that requires people skills. I have the skills to pay the bills, but to get my social skills up to par, I need social exercise.
09: why the burperman's towel? - An infant is burped at Rosewater in Park Slope, and I fail to find a rational basis for my elation when the New York Liberty win against the Washington Mystics.
10: work as a limousine driver - You only clock in when you have a customer, and often there are no tips.
11: yellow chicken - Barbecue with the Oregon crowd in Astoria, Queens.
12: having a policy - I need to have a policy if I want to have a business. Also, disgusting toilet paper in Prospect Park.
13: graphic symbology in chalk - Not exactly evidence of warchalking in Prospect Park.
14: low tech fun with high technology - Since we can't hack the digital stuff, we might as well hack the low tech ancillary features.
15: similarities between Americans and space aliens - Our role here on Earth is entirely and transparently self-centered.
16: thoughts that keep electrical engineers up at night - Thinking about the resistance of 100 feet of 16 gauge copper wire.
17: flying under gaydar - Gretchen introduces me to a guy who is gay but who seems incredibly straight.
18: should we carry through on the nascent idea - ...of buying a place up near Woodstock?
19: quick walkthrough of our humble brownstone - The brownstone turns out to be worth over 400K.
20: digging into the roof of this brownstone cave - Gretchen introduces me to a guy who is gay but who seems incredibly straight.
21: very special can - I go shopping with a ruler so as to find the best can to use for making a simple microwave antenna.
22: plugs of ancient paint - Looking for a matching bucket of paint in the basement, I find several large plugs of paint that has completely dried.
23: love handles - Dull dinner conversation and then Gretchen spots new developments on my lower back and sides.
24: East Side/West Side/Lower - Showing Brian and Jen the island of Manhattan.
25: for trial purposes only - I give my future brother-in-law some new things to do with his laptop.
26: normal level of performance - Have the FBI fucked up my phone in an attempt to tap it?
27: Woodstock area house hunting - We drive up to Woodstock to look at real estate.
28: precisely what I thought it was - I replace a ribbon cable on a friend's computer and only charge $20.
29: metastasizing corporate logos - Madison Square Garden is one of the few stadiums left without an unrelated corporate name attached to it.
30: 5th Avenue Brooklyn: hectic afternoon traffic - Lots of biking for a distant housecall.
31: me or my testosterone? - I'm intrigued by the profound effect testosterone has on human humanity.