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   July 2003

01: evolved complexity in networks - People don't know how much better things would be if they'd just get a router.
02: uncertainties stifle innovation - Why Open Source environments are better for creative expression.
03: train to Montreal - A not-entirely-pleasant escape from July 4th in G. W. Bush's America.
04: July 4th in Montreal - Jazzfest and pseudoephedrine instead of fireworks.
05: insects and Labatt Bleue - Walking around Montreal: first Parc Maisonneuve, then the Musée des Beaux-Arts, then St. Laurent.
06: Amtrak ride from Hell - People from a barbershop quartet convention, bad food service, slow customs, overcrowded conditions, and shitty conductors conspire to make our ride home a miserable experience.
07: new data recovery technique - Fun with replacing an IDE drive's controller card.
08: blueberry season - Also: Noah gets a haircut and Edna brings a chipmunk into the house.
09: one and a half faces - A gentleman in Uptown Kingston with a terrible facial deformity.
10: flattering faux-bobs of fascism - Also - we are what bottles we drank from, and the hipness of Target.
11: drive to Vermont - I visit my old housemate John in southern Vermont.
12: the WASPs of New Hampshire - We attend a party of medical doctors near Dartmouth.
13: across southern Vermont - I drove back to the Catskills on a crappy road.
14: a common Woodstock courtesy - We meet Ray's friend Rich from Woodstock.
15: compass directions - Getting mildly lost in the woods.
16: bad coffee malaise - I'm drinking pre-ground Maxwell House in the morning and it sucks.
17: Pantheon of Food - Swimming at a client's pool and tempeh reubens at the Rosendale Café.
18: non-experience - Gretchen and I go to a folk art festival and then leave early.
19: New Paltz Mobil - A few occurrences at the gas station near the center of the village.
20: fording the Esopus - I drive down to Accord to be a cowboy electrician in a house that is for sale.
21: myth of progress - A funny thing is happening on the way to Christo-Fascist dystopia.
22: Eleanor the Dog - We adopt a dog at the Dutchess County SPCA. Also, product placements in Smokey and the Bandit.
23: dynastic heirs in comparison - Compare and contrast the heroics of George W. Bush with the murderous Uday and Qusay.
24: not giving Bush the courage - I decide not to release a photo of our martyred President depicting the aftermath of his brave defense of our nation.
25: the wringing effect - Sarah the Korean and I talk about macroeconomics.
26: rubbery and unsupervised - I return to find no chew marks on my truck's steering wheel cover.
27: insect airforces - I encounter two different groups of hornets.
28: DIY broadcast deregulation - As easy as buying a $30 FM transmitter.
29: Hudson River cruise - Gretchen and I take a short pleasure cruise around Esopus Island on the Hudson in the Rip Van Winkle.
30: demoralized with a stop-gap career - A couple bad episodes with sick computers.
31: cannibalizeing RF components - I rail against spam-like software installations and then pillage an old color monitor.