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Saturday, July 26 2003
Gretchen and Sarah the Korean drove off this morning, headed towards a destination in Massachusetts. They'd be spending the bulk of the weekend at the home of Sarah's parents, the Koreans. None of these Koreans are actually Korean, or, for that matter, Asian.
I took the two dogs for another ride in my pickup truck this evening. Sally has the senority, so she gets to sit in the plush comfort of the passenger seat while Eleanor, being a rubbery puppy dog, is consigned to the stiff narrow bench behind the seats. She came to us knowing no commands except "No!" Gretchen has been teaching her "Stay!" and "Come!" and today I started teaching her "Backseat!" Dogs are smart enough to know that commands directed at other dogs do not apply to them. While I'm repeatedly insisting "Backseat!" to Eleanor, Sally luxuriates in impatient boredom in her throne of senority.
I'd have to leave the dogs alone while I'd go into a store to recycle bottles or buy surge protectors. I was concerned maybe they'd squabble or that somehow Eleanor's pliable young body would find a way to wriggle out of the narrow opening in the window. (The limiting factor for such Houidini tricks is the inflexible chassis of her big Pit Bull skull.) But nothing bad happened. There weren't even any chew marks on my tasty leather steering wheel cover. [REDACTED]

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