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Sunday, May 22 2005
I suffered from occasional pressure headaches and mild malaise throughout the day, perhaps in reaction to the excesses of yesterday. Occasionally during the peak of one of the headaches, audio coming in through my ears would seem to be routed through an effect that would gradually filter out more and more of its bass end.

I opened up a new box of Red Rose tea today and in it I found a she-lion, the very last of the porcelain figurines I needed to complete my set of the Noah's Ark collectibles. As you know, just a few days before I'd interred an extra she-chicken figurine in a time capsule in the yard, and if I was susceptible to fuzzy logic and pseudoscientific connection-attribution, I'd probably be convinced that there was some sort of mystical connection between those two events.
Mind you, it's not that I particularly like the figurines or am especially interested in having a collection of them. It's just that humans are programmed to want to go all the way with a project once it reaches a certain stage on the road to completion. If I'd ever had a goal of having a complete set of figurines, I'd begun to run out of time a couple months ago when the tea boxes containing the figurines started disappearing from stores and being replaced with a new generation of Red Rose collection (or absence thereof).
My interest in Red Rose began with a appreciation of its rock-bottom price and the minimal packaging of its contents (unlike, say, Lipton, there is no packaging on the individual bags). But now, having been through an unexpectedly delightful figurine collecting experience and having drunk many exceptional cups of tea, I have developed something very close to brand loyalty. It's not something I develop easily.

Today was a rainy day and it was good to see the tender green leaves of springtime finally getting something to be happy about.

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