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   August 2005

01: two ten foot columns - I start work on the structural elements of my solar panel deck.
02: katydid season - Also, Boxelder planting season, like nearly every other season of the year.
03: brand cultivation for infants - Vtech likes to start working with customers before they know how to talk.
04: mosquitos and wasps above the laboratory deck - And a collar tie to help bear the new deck's load.
05: Ojo Malo at Atomic Burrito - Back in Charlottesville in August of 2005.
06: tubing on the James, 2005 - The Charlottesville gang: drinking, pirating, and being lucky as usual.
07: copper like taffy - Observing the relentless creep of time at my childhood home.
08: loving the herd and hating its members - The imperfect match of a goat in a herd of horses.
09: cheap Mexican food in Staunton - I take my family out to dinner in the Queen City of the Shenandoah Valley.
10: chilling with Slate Hill Phil - The poor guy can't hit any of the bars on the Downtown Mall of Charlottesville.
11: inside Fellinis - I see some old Charlottesville friends and we eat at revived fossil restaurant.
12: PostIt paranoia - An evening get-together with some office buddies of my old housemate, now living in Philadelphia.
13: electrical work on Adderall - John and I tear out a wall in his Philadelphia duplex.
14: the soccer moms of Starbucks - John and I get ice coffee in a fancy pants neighborhood of Philadelphia and then I drive home to Hurley, NY.
15: sanctimonious sentiments as raw materials - I culture jam a collection of stolen magnetic ribbons.
16: bookmark race - I get sick while out on a couple housecalls, retreat to bed, and read some Kurt Vonnegut.
17: dollops of white paint - Careful measurements to be sure my new deck posts land on rafters.
18: walk of life - I frame out the laboratory deck.
19: large car payload - I cram a sixteen foot extension ladder and lumber inside a Honda Civic.
20: lag bolts through the roof deck - I bolt down my new solar deck and then attend a book signing in New Paltz.
21: antenna jacking - I hoist a heavy antenna eight feet higher on the side of the house.
22: ends of the empathy spectrum - Gretchen and I both benefit and suffer from our relative amount of this psychological trait.
23: building decks and hitting on girls - Usually when one hits on a girl in a bar, one is not risking a broken neck.
24: What is Lance hiding? - Why exactly did he want to be seen with our languishing chief executive?
25: Avett Brothers in Teaneck - Another great show, but then we make the mistake of finding out their politics.
26: neighbors are talking about our lawn - Paradigms clash out in the rural Catskill foothills.
27: incident at the Kingston Home Depot - A manager attempting to enforce a suspicious new anti-dog policy gets a piece of my mind.
28: expect to find this on the Space Shuttle - I start doing plumbing soldering on my solar heating project.
29: remedial education isn't exactly fun - Gretchen starts teaching a remedial English class at a local community college.
30: Katrina and the waves - Living to see the end of New Orleans. Also, the movie about Andy Goldsworthy.
31: $3.21/gallon - Gas prices climb precipitously in Upstate New York in the aftermath of the ruin of New Orleans.