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   haircut 2005
Tuesday, November 1 2005
A few months back I bought a set of electric hair clippers (why is that noun plural?), a set similar to the model used by mother to give me haircuts during my childhood. Those old clippers had a smell I'll never forget; I think it resulted from a combination of the oil used to lubricate its moving parts and the way its armature would heat up as electricity flowed in the coils wound around it. My new clippers don't smell anything like those old one, something I discovered today while giving myself my annual self-inflicted haircut, this year out on the east deck near an outdoor GFI outlet. The clippers just did their business with as few side effects as possible. Actually, though, they sort of had to fight a little to get through my hair, and I had to abandon them for awhile and just use scissors. I made the ordeal as simple as possible, using just a long attachment (but not the longest) for all of the hair at the top of my head and then a short attachment (but not the shortest) for the hair at the back and sides. And ten minutes later I was done. It was rough, but not as rough as the freakshow of my many past haircuts. When she saw it later tonight, Gretchen thought it looked almost passable, though she did think that limiting myself to two attachments had resulted in a haircut reminiscent of the ones her skater burnout "guy friends" had back in high school.
Today I began work reinforcing the floor under the laboratory beneath the pillars that, in turn, penetrate the laboratory space on their way to the roof, where the point loads of the solar deck's two south pillars bear. This reinforcement was done based on the theory that the more floor joists one adds, the stronger the floor will be. I actually "sistered" a second joist in next to an existing one. But the existing one has a serious crack in it so I think I'll actually be installing a second sister as well as some blocking wood to deal with the fact that a third sister cannot be immediately adjacent to the other two (this is because the space on the top wall plate that the second sister would need to occupy is taken up by a rafter). [REDACTED]

That haircut, seen with the laboratory as its backdrop.

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