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   springtime for Democrats in Hurley
Tuesday, November 8 2005
Gretchen and I voted in the local elections today, which seemed to be on a scale no greater than that of Ulster County. In other times we might not have even bothered to vote, but today we were determined to do our little part in containing the damage of democracy's ongoing failure. It seems we weren't the only ones using this election to send what little fuck you we could to our nation's oligarchy; later this evening when the returns poured in we were delighted to learn that Democrats had ousted Republicans in nearly every local race, both in the Town of Hurley and in Ulster County. Hurley has long been a bastion of Yankee Republicanism, an uneasy coalition of trailer trash hunters and stone house bluebloods. But a new demographic is pouring in from the City. They're educated, they're upper middle class, and they've lived in a variety of places. They realize that governments require taxes to function, they aren't upset about gay marriage, they believe (if not understand) evolution, and they don't feel that corn fields and open spaces achieve their apotheoses as McMansion farms.
I was also in Tivoli today on a couple-hour housecall, realizing just how maddening a program called Synk really is. It's a Macintosh file synchronization program with an unnecessarily complicated interface whose convolutions become mind boggling the moment you try to synchronize multiple disparate folders.

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