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   July 2006

01: sixteen foot planks and a couple of dogs - Hauling long pieces of lumber in a Honda Civic hatchback.
02: smelling like a war zone - A dead carp on the bank of the flood-ravaged Esopus Creek.
03: balloons in the forest - Sometimes there's helium sufficient for talking funny.
04: housecall in line-of-sight - A 4th of July housecall.
05: shiny overweight stray - That's what Eleanor the dog impersonates when visiting some .
06: DHTML, plumbing, and exploratory carpentry - I range between three disparate DIY projects.
07: Hehhh! - Between Eleanor and Internet Explorer, the day kind of sucked.
08: bear their bloodsucking fruit - The cat named Lulu walks with me in the woods and my dogs destroy a client's screen porch.
09: scare reasonable people - Fixing a screen porch and being bored by a stranger at Onteora.
10: West Hurley Errand Loop - A 12.5 mile drive featuring businesses and places I patronize in West Hurley and Kingston Township.
11: blink on - Syd Barrett dies, 8th anniversary of meeting BTG.
12: toad scat - Not a passive-aggressive cat but a terestrial amphibian. Also, a use for styrofoam peanuts.
13: artificial Ray - Reminiscing about high school while hanging ceiling drywall.
14: scare reasonable people - Fixing a screen porch and being bored by a stranger at Onteora.
15: very bad men - News of a recent anthrax scare at the New York Times.
16: dwindling northmost ruins - Birthday party at a homemade house at the northmost ruins of the Shawangunks.
17: men and women with dogs - The reaction you get to taking a dog with you into a store depends partly on your gender.
18: treated lumber harvesting - Sometimes the Esopus can be provide things normally available only at a lumber yard.
19: garage fauna - Mosquitos, toads, and at least one Carpenter Bee.
20: teeshirts and large numbers - A birthday party in Boiceville.
21: pulling up the ladder from the pit of oppression - Transexuals and body integrity identity disorder.
22: keystone of its clutter - Drywalling in stages so I can put walls in around the junk in a cluttered garage.
23: careful right-brain questions - I have these scraps here. What is the easiest way to fill in that part of the wall?
24: what is selfishness? - Are the terrible twos such a good advertisement for the willful continuation of the species?
25: workbench I'd been intending - Making one out of old two by twelves split from a garage header.
26: Woodchuck bites dog - Gushing dog ears in Rosendale and a drive down to Virginia.
27: well-known artifacts - An old homemade rake head and sawbuck.
28: self-selected subset - 20th High School Reunion event at a Staunton bar.
29: keep track of losables - Down the rabbit hole to Dave Matthews.
30: Totally Into Tubing Society - A four person flotilla ride the James from Warren Ferry all the way to Scottsville.
31: relief from the dog day funk - Driving through thunderstorms with no air conditioning.