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   June 2006

01: when one smells feces - Expensive rum and not inexpensive ice coffee
02: for those who don't conform - Scotland Yard and Cobalt Café in the San Fernando Valley.
03: distinctly male jewelery - Caffeine and WiFi in Los Angeles.
04: when ducks cry - A duck relocation fiasco.
05: faces made for programming - A cafeteria where all the tables are nerd tables.
06: powerline corridor land use in Los Angeles - Parkland, nurseries, and, nearby, rental property.
07: drivetime radio - Right wingers, etc., on the Los Angeles freeway commute.
08: somehow wearing - The Ragin Cajun in Redondo Beach.
09: impostor on the empty sidewalks - Even with a cellphone pressed to my head on the streets of the San Fernando Valley.
10: Hollywood tour - Mike gives a tour of the places to get drunk and stupid. And I measure a dive bar by its number of fecal smears.
11: Woodland Hills trashcan burrito - Dining at the only non-franchise business in Woodland Hills.
12: actually climb up the tree - By tree, I actually mean an HTML DOM object.
13: authentic San Fernando Valley cuisine - I'm talking about Chili's of course.
14: agri-technical lilypads - Looking down at the fossil-fuel-to-food grid as I fly over the Great Plains.
15: porcupine country below the falls - Back home finally after my first Los Angeles work trip.
16: lawncare jihad - Also, Gypsy Moths return to the Catskills.
17: roof ridge ladder hooking - I improvise a roof ridge ladder hook using a ladder stabilizer and casters.
18: tod siege - Strangely beautiful piano coming from my house.
19: thunder siege - Sally, freaking out about a thunderstorm, nearly jumps into my car from the outside as I'm rolling its windows up.
20: only insofar as it is independent - Trouble with my local radio station web development gig.
21: self-sabotagingly tight-fisted - A radio station president notorious in Ulster County.
22: core issue about computer programming - The difference between computer bugs and unprofessionalism.
23: calves like cones - A drive through the Catskills to pick up a solar panel.
24: the place she puts such bags - Dogsitting and purchases on an early summer day.
25: pretty fucking bleak - Reflecting on Snowball Earth.
26: occasional bright orange salamander - A rainy day in June and a stranger on the Stick Trail.
27: default plan to kill - A wet cat in the flooding waters of Esopus Creek in Hurley.
28: rivulets flowing with bone-chilling water - Winds from the east and ice cold runoff.
29: up to the Adirondacks - Visiting Gretchen at her writers' residency.
30: moss toilet paper - What public defecation in the boreal forest can teach you.